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RuneScape’s Elite Dungeons Storyline Concludes with The Shadow Reef

RuneScape's Elite Dungeon storyline is set to conclude with the latest addition to the game, The Shadow Reef. The Shadow Reef is the third and...
RuneScape The Needle Skips

Murder is Afoot in the latest RuneScape Quest

Jagex has today announced the launch of a brand new quest line in RuneScape, The Needle Skips, which gives players a murder mystery to solve.
RuneScape Live Featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

RuneFest 2018: Bringing RuneScape to Life with Music

At the start of October, Jagex kindly whisked us away to Farnborough - a place well known for its aviation - but we weren't...

RuneScape Winter Reveals Include Death, Murder Mystery, and more

At RuneFest this weekend, Jagex unveiled all of the Winter content coming to RuneScape over the course of the next few months including a new world event, skills, and more.

RuneScape World Event Sees the Arrival of the Four Horsemen

Jagex has announced a new world event has begun in RuneScape today titled "Till Death Do Us Part" that'll see the arrival of the game's versions of The Four Horsemen.

RuneScape Mobile Gets Limited Members Beta… TODAY

Jagex announced at RuneFest this weekend the launch of a limited members-only beta for RuneScape Mobile which will begin today.

Old School RuneScape to hit Mobile in October

Jagex has announced that after a month-long beta test, Old School RuneScape is set to arrive on both Android and iOS on October 30.

Jagex Announces Publishing Arm ‘Jagex Partners’

RuneScape developer Jagex has this week announced its new publishing arm 'Jagex Partners' which will be exclusively publishing "live games".

Old School RuneScape Heads to Android in Beta, iOS Coming Soon

Old School RuneScape has finally made its way to mobile with Jagex announcing that it's available on Android in public beta. The Android version of...

RuneScape Launches First Elite Dungeon

RuneScape developer Jagex has this week announced the opening of the game's very first Elite Dungeon that'll offer the ultimate challenge for veteran (and...

10-day Dimension of the Damned PvE Event Launches for RuneScape

Jagex has today announced, and launched the Dimension of the Damned, a brand new PvE event in their long-running MMO, RuneScape.

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are Coming to Mobile

Jagex has today announced that both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will be coming to mobile with cross-platform compatibility.
RuneScape Menaphos

Enter Menaphos: The Golden City in New RuneScape Expansion

Menaphos: The Golden City, the first in Janex's large-scale RuneScape expansions is now available. The new area can be accessed by entering the gates...

Old School RuneScape Offers the Most Difficult Challenge Yet: The Inferno

Jagex has announced that things are about to heat up in Old School RuneScape with the addition of a new Player vs. Environment challenge: The Inferno, which launches today.

Menaphos: The Golden City Expansion Set to Shake up RuneScape this...

Jagex has announced the first in a series of expansions for their long-running MMORPG, RuneScape, Menaphos: The Golden City, which is set to arrive this Summer.

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