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RWX 2018: Impressive For Any Era

From September 8 through September 9, Retro World Expo (RWX 2018) ran for its fourth year in Hartford, Connecticut, attracting about 5000 attendees altogether. This...

RWX 2018: Tales of the Unreleased, Underrated, and Unwanted

Who doesn't love those failed videogame peripherals of yore? At RWX last Sunday, Yahel Velazquez of Wrestling With Gaming, took a look at two...
Castlevania-Netflix title

RWX 2018: Castlevania-Mania

Castlevania first hit the market in 1986, and the series is still going strong. As the games change and develop, they affect the game scene...

RWX 2018: Annual Auction Huge Success

Every year, Retro World Expo (RWX 2018) hosts an auction of videogame and pop culture items. Last year, they had 75-100 bidders pitted against...

RWX 2018: What’s Old is New Again

At Retro World Expo 2018, there's obviously a lot of love to be had for retro videogames. However, new-release videogames have increasingly been trying to recapture that retro feel for older audiences.

RWX 2018: Mortal Kombat Actors Q & A

One of Retro World Expo 2018's big pulls this year was their guest list, which included four actors from the early installments in the Mortal...

RWX 2018: Let’s Talk Movies With Vinegar Syndrome

Although Retro World Expo is a retro video game convention in name and purpose, it does host some events that are aimed at interests that tend to intersect with gaming.

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