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Saints Row Movie Finally Gets A Director

F. Gary Gray has reportedly signed on to direct the Saints Row movie, the movie based on the video game series with the same name. Gray is...
Saints Row GOG Sale

Get Saints Row 2 Free and Saints Row IV Cheap &...

Do you fancy playing the Saints Row games offline at any time anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money?
Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop

Saints Row IV Gets Steam Workshop Support

If there's a gaming-related question that would make me flail my arms wildly and loudly ask whether anyone can hear me, it would be...

Saints Row Developers Unveil New Game, Agents of Mayhem

A little while ago, Deep Silver filed a trademark for a new title called "Agents of Mayhem" which at the time we presumed was the subtitle for an unannounced Saints Row game, however, Deep Silver and Volition have today announced said game, and it's a completely new IP.
genki saints row

The Saints Row Genki Mobile Is Up For Auction!

You heard correct, from Saints Row III, Professor Genki's car is up for auction on eBay and is currently going at a bid for 8,000 USD with five more days still to go.

This Saint’s Row: Gat our of Hell Musical Trailer isn’t what...

When I heard about the Saints Row: Gat out of Hell musical trailer I immediately assumed that it'd be a trailer showing off the games musical score, I expected odd renditions of Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell and more bad ass classic rock songs but instead I actually saw Saints Row: The Musical..

PAX 2014: New Saints Row Announced

Volition games have used on going convention PAX Prime to announce their latest entry to outlandish series Saints Row, titled Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell...

Saints Row Developer To Reveal New Game on Friday

Saints Row developer Volition will be revealing a new game to PAX Prime attendees this weekend according to an invitation sent out by the studio. During a panel on Friday, August 29, Volition will be answering questions in their panel as well as giving attendees a first look at a game they currently have in development.

Saints Row Dev Volition Has Expanded its Team by 100.

Saints Row developer Volition has announced that they're planning to take on an additional 100 staff bringing its studio size up to a total of 300, so it's probably safe to say another Saints Row is definitely on the way?

Steam Autumn Sale: Day 3 (November 29)

We're now onto the third day of the Steam Sale and we're seeing some really fantastic deals hitting our wallets as we enter the Christmas month, yeah, thanks for that!

It's Black Friday in the States and for the first time ever it's been heavily adopted here in Blighty too, unsurprisingly we've also had the same series of arrests and squabbles, So let's stop knocking each other out and knock a few more presents off of our Christmas Shopping List instead as we dive into today's awesome deals.

Saints Row IV to Receive Two Lots of DLC Today.

Right now I'm sure 80% of gamers are probably playing one particular game which may or may not be the direct competitor to Saints Row and probably won't pay attention to another game for a long time. But just in case Saints Row is more your thing, listen up! Today Deep Silver has announced that two new lots of DLC are available to download right now.

The UK Game Charts See Saints Row IV Remain on Top.

This week saw very little change in the charts this week with Saints Row IV keeping a firm purple grasp on the top spot with Splinter Cell: Blacklist holding firm in second place. Surprisingly Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn debuted at third place knocking Disney Infinity down to fourth.

Saints Row IV Review

Lacking the depth and grit of its oft-compared superior Grand Theft Auto, the strengths of Saints Row IV lie where they have throughout the series - in a hit-and-miss sense of humour and promotion of a sense of gamer camaraderie through a series of in-jokes only recognisable to the hardened nerd...

Australia’s censored Saints Row IV will have online co-op restrictions.

If watching endless re-runs of Nothing to Declare on TV has taught me anything it's that Australia like to keep their country clean. Not only do they restrict certain food products coming into their country, video games are also given a thorough once-over before receiving classification for Australian gamers to play them - no classification - no video game. We've seen this exact thing happen with Saints Row IV until last week it was finally classified with an MA15+ rating.

Censored version of Saints Row IV finally receives classification in Australia

Deep Silver has had a battle on their hands with Volitions open world game Saints Row IV. First it was refused classification by the Australian Classification Board back in June, then only a few weeks ago it was again, refused classification by the Classification Review board. Finally however a more censored version of Saints Row IV has been classified as MA15+.

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