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Samsung Unveils The Fancy New Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini Black...

Samsung have revealed a fancy new "Black Editon" of their flagship handset the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's little brother the Galaxy S4 Mini which sports a more stylish black look with a leather effect back cover, similar to that on the Galaxy Note 3.

Phone Wars: The Samsung Galaxy S IV vs. The HTC One

I've been waiting for a little while to get my hands on these beasts. I've been really excited to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S IV to see how it compares about the older Samsung devices I'm used to and how Samsung are improving their range of apps and features exclusive to Samsung products. On the other hand I've been a little dubious of the HTC One partly because I'm not familiar with HTC's of any kind and partly because until very recently I was a self confessed Samsung fanboy. The real question I wanted to find answers to was; Which phone is better? Samsung's latest flagship device, or the HTC device everyone is calling "The best Android handset - ever".

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Leaked Ahead of Samsung Event

Smartphones are probably becoming the gadget of choice when the urge to take a picture arises. Gone are the days of digital camera selfies; now we all have front facing cameras that we abuse by showing it our ugly mugs over and over again. But what would you get if you smashed your favourite smartphone into a compact digital camera? A mess probably, why would you even do that? Metaphorically though you'd get the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and it seems to have been leaked ahead of Samsungs June 20th event in London.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sells 10 Million Units in First Month, Introduces...

Samsung were more than pleased to announce today that their brand new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had sold 10 million units within the first month alone. To celebrate that impressive milestone they're planning to introduce more colour variations to meet various consumer tastes and preferences which are planned to launch in the Summer.

Google I/O: Google unveils Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android...

Have you been holding out on getting a new phone lately? Well good news as Google has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be releasing June 26th with stock Android Jelly Bean. Additionally the phone will come unlocked and rocking LTE support for AT&T and T-Mobile. It will also be packing 16GB of storage along with, so long as Google keeps it’s promises, prompt system updates...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: A Game Changer

The wait is over and the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally hit the shelves with analysts already predicting that the Korean smartphone giant will ship 10 million units of the new flagship in its first month.
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Samsung Predict Big Profit for Q1

Technology giants Samsung have released predictions for their first fiscal report of 2013, set to be released later this month, and reveal they expect a massive profit of ₩8.7 trillion (South Korean Won) which equates to around $7.7 billion for the first quarter of this year.
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Don’t Expect CyanogenMod To Come To The Samsung Galaxy S IV

I adore Samsungs line of smartphones, I loved my Galaxy S and I loved my Galaxy Note, I also love the look of the Galaxy S III and the latest addition The Galaxy S IV. The only thing that I'm not a big fan of is TouchWiz. TouchWiz is Samsung's default homescreen/launcher across all of their smartphones and tablets and it's often bulky and not very custom friendly, I'll often find myself downloading Apex Launcher because it closely resembles Vanilla Android - the homescreen/launcher you'd find on Google's Flagship Nexus devices.
Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S IV – The Next Big Thing Is...

I think I learned my lesson when I stopped up until the early hours of the morning in order to watch Sony's lacklustre PlayStation 4 'reveal' so at 11:30 I was tucked up in bed leaving the Galaxy S IV news until the morning. At a glance, what had been revealed was no different from the Galaxy S III, so I was glad I didn't stay up to watch the live event. Looks aside it's more about what's inside the Galaxy S IV that makes it special..
Samsung Galaxy S IV Official

Samsung Release Another Teaser Video, Plus A Picture of the Galaxy...

Samsung have released part 2 of their Jeremy Maxwell Galaxy S IV teaser videos along with a sneak preview of the phone itself on their Twitter but are Samsungs official reveals being overshadowed by the supposed phone leaks?
Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Galaxy S IV Latest: Remaining Plastic & Eye Scrolling Tech

Samsung's big Galaxy S IV launch event is only a week away but the rumours are coming in thick and fast, we've seen screenshots confirming that the Galaxy S IV will have eye scrolling technology that'll detect when you're at the bottom of a page, as well as something that isn't too surprising; the Galaxy S IV will keep the plastic bodies that the previous Galaxy models have come in..
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AnTuTu Benchmark Reveals Details for the Samsung Galaxy S IV

The possible specifications for Samsung's next flagship device have been possibly revealed by the benchmarking site AnTuTu and reveals that previous rumours pointing to the new Galaxy S device dumping the Exynos processor for a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is in fact incorrect.

Samsung Teases the Galaxy S IV With New Ad Campaign

Samsung's Galaxy S IV event in New York is only 10 days away and they've decided to make the wait even harder by releasing the ad in this post, and it's not going to be the last of them.. Damn you Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV Specifications Leak

No sooner do I write "Samsung seem to have kept the details on the Samsung Galaxy S IV tightly under wraps" there has been a leak of the details of the Galaxy S IV...
Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Could Reveal the Galaxy S IV in March

Venture Beat reported a few days ago that Samsung are planning a big announcement that could manifest themselves on March 14 and sources are pointing towards the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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