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Heated iPhone vs Galaxy S6 Argument Leads to Stabbing

It's not the biggest deal when people have debates over which is better, Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy S series- it's something which has gone on for years and will continue as long as they keep innovating and improving. What you don't expect to hear though is people stabbing each other after claiming one device is better than the other.
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April Fool 2015 Round Up.. Some of the Best Pranks This...

I love and hate April 1. I love all of the elaborate pranks that the likes of Google, Samsung, and other companies manage to pull off, I also hate sifting through the news both before and after April 1 because I'm just not sure what's a joke and what's serious. Take Amazon's Dash Buttons for example, the idea seems just too good to be true, but Amazon is claiming it's real. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE.. Either way, here's a round up of this year's best pranks which I know can't be true.. right?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Let you Uninstall Most Apps, Including...

For a while now, Samsung's TouchWiz overlay has also come with a "suite" of apps which, for me at least, are useless. Unfortunately I could never delete them without rooting the device and flashing custom firmware, which at the end of the day is bad news if you don't know what your doing. So instead of being stuck with a phone stuffed with Bloatware, I opted for other devices and ultimately fell out of love with Samsung. Now however, I'm eyeing up the S6..

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receive over 20 Million Pre-Orders

The new handsets were only unveiled a little over a week ago (March 1st) at MWC but already the pre-orders have come rolling in, over 20 million to be exact.

MWC 2015: Samsung Unveil the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

We expected Samsung to unveil one of two devices this year, either one device that was similar in design to other Galaxy S devices, or something completely new, with a curved edge display, like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, though there were reports Samsung would unveil two devices, we didn't actually expect them to.

Fleksy Coming Free To Samsung Galaxy S6

Fleksy have announced that they will be partnering with Samsung to bring the world fastest touchscreen keyboard to everyone that buys the new Samsung Galaxy...

Samsung and HTC will be Live Streaming their MWC Events

Both Samsung and HTC are getting organised this weekend for their live press events at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday. The two companies have launched pages dedicated to their live streams where they'll be unveiling their latest flagship devices.
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T-Mobile USA Practically Unveil the Samsung Galaxy S6 on Pre-registration Page

Over the past few weeks Samsung have been fairly cryptic and tactful about the teases they've released for the Galaxy S6. From what we've...
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Samsung Posts Another Galaxy S 6 Teaser Video

We're moving closer and closer to Samsung's Unpacked event on March 1 and as such the company's posted another teaser.
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Samsung Posts Galaxy S6 #Unpacked Teaser Video

Samsung has released a very brief teaser for the new Galaxy S6, which will be announced at its Unpacked event on March 1. The company tweeted the teaser...
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Over 720,000 Android Wear Devices Shipped Last Year, According to Analyst

Android Wear Smartwatches have been on the market for a good few months now, and with last year's Google I/O being the time Google officially introduced the wearable operating system, we're yet to hear exactly how well Android Wear powered devices are doing. Thankfully, we have Analysts.

Leaked Photo of Galaxy S6 and S Edge?

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S Edge have really been gathering pace recently. We've heard about the supposed specs, we now...

Galaxy S6 and S Edge Prices Revealed?

Samsung is holding its Unpacked event on March 1st and it's likely we're going to see the new Galaxy S6 and S Edge. Androidpit...

Galaxy S6 to Feature 20MP Camera and New Wireless Charging Technology?

The Galaxy S6 is going to offer some serious specs along with a new form of wireless charging, according to a Korean report. In an attempt to gain back some of Samsung's marketshare, the company looks as though it's going to try its best to make the S6 as compelling as possible.
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Galaxy S6 to Feature iPhone-like Fingerprint Scanner?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first device in the series to offer a fingerprint scanner but the next generation could see a more...

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