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Samsung to Make TouchWiz More like Stock Android.. Finally

Have Samsung finally listened to us? After years of being stuck with Samsung's clunky and bloated TouchWiz overlay, with the Samsung Galaxy S6, they're aiming at making it more user friendly and a little more like the Vanilla Android found on Google's Nexus devices.

Europe Release for the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Soon?

The mid-range Galaxy A3 and A5 are already available in markets in Asia. However due to production issue, we have not seen a launch in Europe or America.
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CES 2015: Forget UHD, Samsung has SUHD

Samsung have a habit of taking something that already exists, improving it a bit, and then slapping an S on the front of it. They did it with AMOLED displays, and now they've done it with UHD TV's, at CES yesterday Samsung unveiled their range of SUHD displays which set to offer an even better viewing experience than UHD displays.
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Samsung Testing Curved Galaxy S6 Prototype?

According to comments on Reddit by a Samsung employee, the company is testing out three prototypes of the upcoming Galaxy S6. The leaker, who has...

Samsung Galaxy A7 to be Announced Next Month?

Samsung could officially announce the Galaxy A7 in South Korea next month.

Samsung to Axe the Alpha in Favour of Cheaper Handsets

Though the Samsung Galaxy Alpha hasn't been around for too long, it offered something pretty and fairly classical to Samsung's older Galaxy devices, it has been revealed that Samsung will be discontinuing the Galaxy Alpha range in favour of something more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Specs Leaked

Samsung has already announced its 'Galaxy A' series of devices and we are expecting the 'Galaxy E' series to be out soon as well. However, we could be set for a third set of phones, the 'Galaxy J' lineup.

ChatOn ChatOff, Samsung to Shut Down ChatOn Service in February

Following rumours that Samsung was to shut down their ChatOn messaging app, Samsung has finally revealed that the service will shut down come February, 2015.
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Samsung starts production on iPhone 7 A9 Processor

According to ETNews, Samsung has started manufacturing the A9 chip, which we'll see on the iPhone 6S or 7 next year.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Leaked?

The alleged Galaxy S6 specs have been leaked and we could be set for an impressive smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A7 to be announced soon?

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy A7 could be just around the corner as the device has been to the FCC. The phone will join the A5, which is already available in China, and the A3, which will be available soon as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge set to Land on UK Shores via...

Following Samsung revealing that the release of the Note Edge would be limited to a select number of units, it seems they may have had a change of heart as the Carphone Warehouse is set to be getting stock of Samsung's unique handset for sale in the UK. Though the UK retailer is yet to confirm the availability an image of the company's internal intranet reveals that they're certainly set to get the curved handset in the near future.

Super Slim Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Announced

Samsung has announced the Galaxy A3 and A5 with the focus being on delivering the "best possible social media experience".

Xiaomi Become Third Biggest Phone Manufacturer in the World

Chinese smartphone giants Xiaomi have had an incredibly good year, mainly boosted by their expansion from their birthplace of China into the emerging economy of India; this move has resulted in some somewhat surprising news, Xiaomi are now the third largest smartphone manufacturers in the world...

Sales of High End Samsung Handsets Slump

Samsung predicted at the start of this month that their Q3 profits for this year may not be as high as their record breaking...

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