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SEGA Plans to bring Three Sonic Titles to the OUYA

The Android based console the OUYA is scheduled to launch near the end of this month and with full support from various indie developers it had yet to receive some real recognition from a major publisher. That is, until now!
Castle of Illusion Forrest

Brand New Castle of Illusion HD – Behind The Scenes Video

In the latest video from SEGA we get to see their progress on the remake of the classic 16bit SEGA classic; Castle of Illusion. Not only that we get to hear about how SEGA Australia have put a lot of effort into the title to bring something that's not only nostalgic but current and a little bit different from the original.

Nintendo Direct | Sonic the Hedgehog, New Super Luigi U, and...

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct broadcast today which was shown all over the world at around 3pm UK time. It was a short 30 minunte blast of information covering both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U titles that'll be launching over the next few months. There will also be another Nintendo Direct broadcast around the time of the E3 event.
Godsrule logo

GodsRule: War of Mortals now available on browser

SEGA Europe today announced the launch of GodsRule: War of Mortals, a free-to-play, cross-platform, build and battle game...
Castle of Illusion feature image

Castle of Illusion announced. Mickey Mouse to return in HD.

Following on from our coverage of a teaser trailer for a possible Castle of Illusion remake (here), the news today is that it’s official. Now with another trailer and some screenshots. Working together, SEGA and Disney Interactive have created a complete re-imagining of the classic Castle of Illusion. Take a look at the following screenshots and see for yourself. It looks great...
Mickey Mouse Castle of Illision

Castle of Illusion re-release? Sega hint at it.

Sega sent out a teaser trailer the other day that looks very likely to be a re-release of Castle of Illusion. Developed by Sega’s Shinobi Team, Castle of Illusion is a classic Disney platform for the Sega Genesis. This trailer follows on from a leaked age rating of the game last month and fits in with Capcom’s announce of another Disney classic, Ducktales Remastered...
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Don’t Expect Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U Any Time Soon..

Despite not-so-good reviews there are those of you who are still waiting for Aliens: Colonial Marines to come to your beloved WiiU. Well sadly you're going to have to stop waiting as SEGA has finally decided to put an end to the development for the game on the Wii U.
Spellwood Wizard

Spellwood – Become A Word Wizard.

Spellwood, a game not my usual choice. But by golly am I glad I've played it! Developed by Three Rings Design. The single player game...
Sega Summer Sale

SEGA’s ‘Back to School’ Sale.

Well.. Summer is almost over, the break I mean, not the season.. and along with that comes all of the great 'back to school'...

London 2012 – Feel the Fever!

So the Olympics are now nearly half way through and lets face it there's no escaping it! Whether it's on TV, radio, in the...
Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast Cover

Sonic Adventure 2 coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation...

Incase you didn't notice by the amount of cosplay pictures all over Tumblr and Reddit, it was the SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) this weekend and...

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