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Silent Hill 2 Screenshot

‘Silent Hill 2’ Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

Want to feel deep feelings of unease, if not outright fear, even when your PlayStations and Xbox's are off? Mondo, in association with Death...

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Promises “Definitive Silent Hill 2 Experience”

Fans of Silent Hill probably still get a little choked up thinking of the good old days after Konami put a pillow on the series face with the cancellation of Silent Hills. Luckily, the fandom is used to a good struggle and is fighting back: a team of dedicated Silent Hill modders have taken it upon themselves to remaster Silent Hill 2 for the PC.

After 17 Years, Silent Hill 2 Still Holds Some Secrets

Video games sometimes offer years of content for players. They come packed with mysteries and secrets that can sometimes take years to unearth or decipher. Silent Hill 2 now joins that club.

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