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EA Closes The Sims and Sim City Studio Maxis Emeryville

Like the many acquisitions before it the latest studio to be shuttered and absorbed into EA's mega-gut is the developer that brought us The Sims, Sim City, and Spore: Maxis Emeryville. EA has announced the closure saying that it's "consolidating Maxis IP development to our studios in Redwood Shores, Salt Lake City, Helsinki, and Melbourne," and added that "These changes do not impact our plans for The Sims."
simcity 2000

Grab SimCity 2000 for Free on Origin Now

SimCity 2000 Special Edition by Maxis is up for grabs for the low low price of free. Time to jump back into the classic...

EA Announces SimCity BuildIt for Mobile

Isn't it a pain having to start up your PC, log-in to Origin, and then load up SimCity? Wouldn't it be nice if there was an option to just sit on your sofa and chill out whilst playing SimCity in something that can fit in the palm of your hand. Thankfully EA has come to the rescue of us lazy folk and have announced SimCity BuildIt for Android, iPhone and iPad. Just what the doctor ordered, right?

SimCity’s Offline Mode is Almost Here!

At the beginning of the year Maxis announced that they'll finally be bringing an Offline Mode to SimCity so gamers can bypass the always-online requirements and play without an internet connection. That announcement was around two months ago and according to a recent update from Maxis, the offline mode is in the final stages of testing.

Should We be Worried About EA and the Titanfall Launch?

In a recent off-the-cuff red carpet interview at a D.I.C.E. awards show, Rockpapershotgun's Nathan Grayson was able to ask - or somewhat 'grill' - EA's chief creative officer Richard Hilleman regarding the gaming giant's past failures...

About Time! SimCity is Getting an Offline Mode!

Almost a year after launch EA have announced that an Offline Mode will be coming to the latest SimCity title which will allow everyone to finally play offline without the need to connect to EAs servers.
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrowvideo

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Trailer Features a Battle of Corporations.

In the launch trailer for SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow OmegaCo. and The Academy battle for your support by launching opposing adverts pointing out the benefits of their own companies and the flaws of the other.

Maxis Are Exploring the Possibility of an Offline SimCity

SimCity didn't have the best start in life. The need for the game to be online and use EA's servers in order to combat piracy caused the launch to fail, really badly. Players were unable to access their games for days and some of the lucky few who managed to get onto the game, their game saves ended up getting deleted. The drama behind the launch is way behind EA with their sights set firmly on their next blockbuster games, but Maxis may be looking at ways to bring SimCity offline.

SimCity's Red Cross DLC Helps Both Sims and Real People

Electronic Arts and 10 National Red Cross Societies, including the British Red Cross, today announced the first collaboration which allows SimCity players to help people in real life the same way they'd help their Sims in a disaster. In this new DLC players will be able to purchase Red Cross branded content and 80% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.
SimCity on Mac

SimCity Release for Mac

Everyone remembers SimCity. Well good news is on August 29, 2013, Mac will be receiving a digital release. Other good news is that the title will have a cross platform online gameplay with PC. Players will be able to jump back and forth between cities with friends.

SimCity creative director quits Maxis to form Jellygrade Studios.

Last night SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley announced on Twitter that he was quitting EA/Maxis and announced plans to form a new studio Jellygrade along with two other SimCity creatives.
The Indie Fix

The Indie Fix: Cities XL Platinum

Welcome to, The Indie Fix, a staple column in which we spotlight the latest Indie titles and titles which we feel have slipped under the radar. In this column we're taking a look at city builder, Cities XL Platinum...

SimCity’s new DLC, The Airship Pack, available now.

You know what’s missing in your city? A lack of colour, flair or maybe it’s because your people are tired of travelling by car or public transport. Perhaps your business is faltering because you’re not advertising it well enough.

SimCity to Get Amusement Park DLC This Month

Earlier last week UK game retailer Green Man Gaming let slip that EA's latest instalment in the SimCity series will be getting an Amusement Park themed DLC. The listing has since been removed but EA all but confirmed it was real with a cryptic tweet from the SimCity twitter account.

SimCity Coming To Mac On June 11th.

EA announced yesterday that the latest release in the SimCity series will be releasing for mac on June 11th. Available exclusively for download via EA’s Origin platform and selected online retailers, the Mac release will bring cross platform play to the series. The release will also support playing on both PC and Mac, regardless of which platform you buy the game on and allow you access to your city on both.

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