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Microsoft Dumps Skype’s Video Messaging Service, Skype Qik

Remember Skype Qik? Skype's video chat app which launched just 18 months ago? Well, it looks as if Microsoft is cutting the cord and closing the app on March 24. The reason isn't because no-one was using the app (though that was probably the case) but because most of its features are available in the Skype app.

Skype is Down for Everyone in Worldwide Outage!

If you've tried to log into Skype at some point today, chances are you've had some trouble. Well you're not alone as it seems Skype across the globe is having some sort of connectivity issue.

EU Court things Users Will Confuse Sky and Skype..

Skype is a free instant messaging, voice, and video calling app which was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. Sky, or British Sky Broadcasting, is a television, Internet, and home phone service provider in the UK. The two are completely different companies and the names are distinct enough, but one EU Judge believes "Skype" could confuse customers looking for

Skype for Web Allows you To Skype Friends and Family on...

For a while now one of the main drawbacks of Chromebooks for some users is the lack of compatibility with Skype. Though Google offers a pretty solid alternative with Hangouts, not many people want to make the change from a program that they've become used to. Today that all might change as Microsoft has announced Skype for Web.

Windows 8.1 Users can now Register for Skype Translator

Skype Translator is a service that was announced back in May and offers a way of communicating to people in different languages. Now Skype wants a select amount of users to try the service so the company can improve it.

Drawing Comes Exclusively to Skype for Windows Phone

With the current boom of apps like Snapchat which allow users to not only send pictures of themselves, but also scrawl God-knows-what over the top, Microsoft has added an exclusive feature to the Windows Phone version of Skype that allows user to doodle to their hearts content and send those artistic creations to whoever is online.
skype qik

Skype Qik Is a New Video Messaging App Not for the...

I love it when new messaging apps come out, I was one of the first to hop onto Snapchat before all the penises started showing up, I was also quick to hop onto Facebook's Slingshot, and I'm checking Google Play every day for Instagram's Bolt, but when I saw that Microsoft had a new messaging app called Skype Qik, as enthusiastic as I was about trying it out, I just became awfully uncomfortable about trying it.

Chat While You Play, Skype Gets Snap Function on Xbox One.

The Skype App for Xbox One has received an update this week bringing with it the usual bag of bug fixes and one pretty important feature, the ability to Snap the app whilst watching TV / movies or playing a game.

Skype Group Video Calling Goes Free for All!

It shouldn't really be that big of a deal but for some looking for a reliable conference calling program that doesn't rely on Google's Apps, Skype has always been the program of choice. The only problem was, group video calling used to require someone with a premium membership to be involved in the call. That was until yesterday when Skype announced that their group video calling was free, for everyone!

Skype Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Anti-Microsoft Tweets Follow.

What a way to start the new year. We're only on the second day of 2014 and Stapchat gets a hit by a fairly large user detail leak, and now fairly big name Twitter and Facebook accounts falls victim of an anti-Microsoft fuelled attack. Is this the 'Outlook' on things to come?
Xbox One Headset

You’ll still have your Xbox 360 friends on the Xbox One,...

Monday, apparently the worst day of the week, has been and gone, for some that's the first day of a five day week down before they can relax, for me it's the day I check IGN's Ask Microsoft Anything post for more updates surrounding the Xbox One from Marc Whitten, Microsoft's Chief Xbox One Platform Architect.

Make Skype Calls Directly From Your Outlook Inbox

Starting today in the UK you can Skype audio and video calls will be available directly in your Outlook inbox, it'll require a one-time plug-in download for your browser, but after the plug-in has been installed you'll be able to simply connect Skype to your Outlook account using your Microsoft account.
Razer Comms

Razer Comms beta released!

Razer have recently launched their new chat system, Razer Comms, which is currently in Beta. The new software allows for gamers to easily communicate with friends either through a private line or in a group conversation. This introduces a new, more dedicated alternative to using Skype as a means of communication.

Skype Rumoured to Replace Xbox Live Chat.

With the recent news that Microsoft have retired their veteran instant messenger program Windows Live Messenger in favour of it's latest acquirement Skype there...
Nexus Devices

Must have apps for your Nexus tablets!

With the holiday season now gone by those of you who were lucky to get their hands on a Nexus 7, or Nexus 10,...

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