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MTV Kicks of Snapchat “Cribs” Revival with Steve Aoki

Following the announcement that MTV was planning to revive their Cribs series through Snapchat, this weekend followers of the MTV account witnessed history in the making.

Social Media is the Best Anti-social Platform According to Research

I have always been a huge advocate for social interaction. Social Media is great, its a wonderful thing to be able to connect to...

WhatsApp’s Status has More Users than Snapchat…

Apparently more people are using WhatsApp's Status feature, which is basically Snapchat Stories for WhatsApp, than they are Snapchat itself.

Don’t Panic… Snapchat Spectacles are now Available Online

Snap Inc. announced its Snapchat Spectacles last year to much fanfair however actually getting your hands on the elusive eye wear has proven more difficult than people hoped. However for those of you living in the US it's time to get excited as Snapchat Spectacles are available to purchase online.

What’s The Deal With Those Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat has had a bit of a shake-up recently. The company has decided to lose the "chat" from Snapchat and will become simply, Snap (or Snap Inc. if we're going to be pre cise). The app will still continue to be called Snapchat, just the company behind the app will have the new simplistic name. This name change also came with a new announcement, Snapchat Spectacles.
cribs mtv

MTV is Bringing Back Cribs… On Snapchat

Remember when MTV actually showed music videos? Y'know, before Jersey Shore and all of those other reality shows became more profitable? Yeah, I'm a little unsure too. What I do remember though is a show called Cribs which gave us all-access into some of the worlds more famous peoples homes. Well, it's coming back, but not as you know it.

Snapchat Opens Geofilter Feature to All, But It’ll Cost you.

Snapchat's geofilter has been available for some time but was only set for a select few places Snapchat deemed worth - usually based on events featured in certain locations, but now they've announced that the feature is available to all who want to make a geofilter for any location, though you're going to have to pay for it.

Snapchat’s Discover Feature Could Soon Let you Purchase Goods

"Snap while you shop" is a term that's been thrown around recently following the news that Snapchat could soon be allowing its users to purchase goods through the app, and it's definitely an interesting concept.

Snapchat Hits 6 Billion Video Views

Snapchat, once known for its ability to share images that disappeared in an instant, has evolved into more than just an ephemeral picture sharing app. Now people can share stories, post updates, send videos as well as images to each other, and much more, and they're quickly catching up to Facebook in terms of video views.

Snapchat Speaks Out on Controversial Policy Update

Over the past couple of days people have been freaking out over a new Snapchat policy update which reads that the company has the rights to store your seedy selfies. The only issue is, is that once again it's been blown out of proportion so Snapchat has weighed in to quell some of the chatter.

Snapchat Allows you to Replay that Snap… For a Price

Snapchat became popular thanks to its ability to allow users to sent pictures to each other that disappear forever after a set period of time (usually a few seconds). Since then, Snapchat has introduced much more into their app including stories and more, and now you can replay those snaps you really like, at a cost.

Snapchat Takes up 75 Per Cent of Data Usage in the...

Could I have sounded like less of an old man in that tagline? Probably.. but I just don't get Snapchat. There, I said it. I'm no longer what could be considered hip. And according to research done by Vodafone, one of the UK's biggest networks, I'm in a small 25 per cent of users who uses their data than sending selfies to random friends.. or something.

Snapchat will Reportedly Begin Publishing Original Videos and Articles

According to reports, Snapchat may be readying their own original content that it'll be posting on the ephemeral messaging service which will come in both the form of videos and articles.
Britain Prime Minister

UK Prime Minister Wants to Ban WhatsApp and Snapchat

While the US President, Barack Obama, is currently pushing for a new law in order to keep our information private from snoopers if the company we've given them to gets hacked, the UK Prime Minister is more concerned about NOT being able to read our private messages, and if he wins next year's general election, could push for a ban on the likes of Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Microsoft Removes all Unofficial Snapchat Apps from Windows Phone Store

Following Snapchat's disabling of the unofficial API for Snapchat to bolster security, Microsoft has removed all unofficial Snapchat apps from the Windows Phone Store.

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