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Sociable Soccer Will Miss Q1 – But Not The Net

It looks like waiting for Sociable Soccer is like waiting for Arsenal to get past Bayern Munich at this point. It seems that the game, whilst still going ahead for a 2017 release date, will miss the Q1 release window.

Sociable Soccer Coming to VR?

Despite the Kickstarter for Sociable Soccer, the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer, being cancelled, it looks as if development is still being made on the game, and according to a cryptic tweet we received today, it could be coming to VR.
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Kickstarter for Sensible Soccer Sequel ‘Sociable Soccer’ Cancelled

Well, that ended quickly. After Jon Hare announced that he'd be bringing the classic Sensible Soccer to the modern age by way of a Kickstarter, Hare has cancelled the campaign due to a pretty slow start.
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Sensible Soccer is Getting a Modern Remake

Forget FIFA and PES, there's a new football-based rivalry on the block and that's between the recently announced Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival and the just-announced Sensible Soccer reboot.

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