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Here’s the Final Moment of PlanetSide Before the Servers were Shut...

As of July 1, PlanetSide is dead. The servers for the MMO FPS have been switched off, and meteors rained down from the sky as the world of PlanetSide came to an apocalyptic end.
Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment Sold Off from Sony, Becomes Daybreak Game Company

In a surprising announcement yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment announced that they've been sold off from Sony to investment firm Columbus Nova, who currently has a handful of acquisitions under its sleeve. With the news that SOE are no longer tied to Sony, they revealed that they'll now become their own independent studio and will now go by the name of Daybreak Game Company. But what does that mean for the future of their games?

H1Z1’s Unplanned 8-hour Downtime Drags On..

It's been a bit of a rocky start for Sony Online Entertainment's zombie survival title, H1Z1, with the launch being plagued with login issues, then many players being frustrated and annoyed with the games "pay-to-win" crate drops, and as of the early hours of this morning, the game's servers have been down, and eight hours later there's still nothing.
H1Z1 – 2

Annoyed with H1Z1’s Crate Drops? Stop Whining and Get a Refund..

Following the launch of Sony Online Entertainment's sandbox zombie survival title, H1Z1, many have been disappointed with the way the game handles crate drops that many feel offer an unfair disadvantage. In response to those complains, SOE's John Smedley took to the official reddit page, and announced that if you're unhappy, get a refund.

H1Z1 is Now in Early Access, Here’s a Trailer to Celebrate

If you've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the sandbox zombie survival MMO, H1Z1, then you'll be pleased to know that it's now entered...

Sony’s H1Z1 Finally Has an Early Access Release Date

Remember in June this year when Sony Online Entertainment revealed that their zombie survival MMO, H1Z1, would be coming soon, even going as far to say "you can play it yourself soon. and by play I mean play fully," yeah, well that certainly didn't happen. Since then we've been hearing the word "soon" being thrown about all over the place with no real indication on when the game will release. With many almost giving up hope for a release "soon," Sony Online Entertainment has now released an actual solid date.

H1Z1 Server Rulesets Will Be Decided By Community Vote

Those of you holding out for more information surrounding Sony Online Entertanment's upcoming zombie survival MMO, H1Z1, here it is! The latest news to come directly from the horses mouth surrounds custom servers and how you, the player, will be able to vote to decide on what type of server SOE will create next.

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