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Spotify is testing a cheaper Premium Subscription for Flat Sharers

Music lovers rejoice! Spotify has revealed that it is currently testing a potential discounted subscription for two simultaneous users in the hopes of curbing...

Spotify Now Allowing Users to Directly Upload Music

Music streaming service giant, Spotify, recently unveiled a new strategy to shake up the recording industry by enabling artists to retain more control over...

Spotify to Replace Groove Music on Xbox One

Spotify is set to take over as the Xbox One's music service, Microsoft has announced. The consoles Groove Music Pass, will shut down at the end of the year.

Spotify May Finally be Coming to Xbox One

Spotify might finally be coming to Xbox One, that is if an image of Major Nelson with the app on his Xbox is anything to go by.

Spotify Hits 50 Million Paid Subscriber Milestone

With the rise of music subscription services like Apple Music and Tidal, many wondered whether Spotify's stranglehold on the industry would let up. According to a tweet from the latest company, that grip is tighter than ever.
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Sorry, Spotify isn’t Coming to Xbox One any time Soon

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update coming to Xbox One next month, one of the more often requested features will finally land on the console: Background music. So what would be the perfect addition to this new feature? A music streaming service like Spotify, however, don't get your hopes up...
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Sony and Warner Music See Increased Revenue from Music Streaming

Thanks to the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Google Play, both Sony and Warner Music have seen a substantial increase in revenue from music streaming.
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Music Streaming Revenue was Higher than Downloads in 2015

It looks like 2015 saw the rise of music streaming, with the launch of Apple music, Tidal being taken over by Jay Z, and Spotify trotting along with their free tier. Not only that, according to the RIAA music streaming brought in much higher revenue than digital downloads.
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Spotify is Dishing Out Free Chromecasts to New Premium Subscribers

Spotify is hoping to entice new users to try Spotify Premium by offering a free Chromecast to all who sign up from now until February 28.
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Apple Music is Hot on Spotify’s Heels with 10 Million Paid...

Now Apple has entered the world of music streaming, everyone is keeping their eye on the figure that matters: paying subscribers. While Spotify has 20 million paying subscribers as of Summer last year, Apple Music is hot on its heels.
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Spotify Once Again Rumoured to be Preparing Subscriber-only Releases

Another month, another rumour about Spotify's supposed plans to reserve certain releases for subscribers of its £9.99 a month Premium plan. This time however, there may be substance to the latest rumours.
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Spotify Releases their 2015 ‘Year in Music’ Breadown

Did you know that, collectively, Spotify listeners listened to a total of 2.1 million different artists? Yep, it's that time of year again where Spotify releases their annual 'Year in Music' breakdown.

Spotify Reveals that 2015 Was the Year of Drake

As Spotify is preparing to wrap up a pretty great year for the company, despite new kid on the block, Apple Music, providing some pretty tough competition, the streaming service has revealed its top-streamed artists of 2015, and you'll never guess which artist with incredible dance moves is at the top of the list.

Be the Ultimate Music Snob with Spotify’s ‘Found them First’ Feature

If you've ever said the phrase "I knew them before they were popular" or "I prefer their early demos before they made it big" then you're already one step on the hipster ladder, but what about getting higher and becoming the ultimate music snob? Well don't worry, Spotify has your back.

Spotfy is Evil, Apparently

In a world where every man and his dog wants privacy, Spotify's new privacy policy update has ruffled a few feathers.

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