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Sir Patrick Stewart is Coming Back to Star Trek

Sir Patrick Stewart has confirmed that he'll be reprising his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in an upcoming Star Trek series for CBS All Access.

Star Trek and Transformers Collide in New Comic Book

IDW Publishing has announced that they're about to boldly go where no one has gone before with Star Trek vs. Transformers.

IDW Releases Trailer for Star Trek Comic Output

Ever thought about getting into Star Trek comics? Well IDW might be offering you a chance to warp into action with a brand new trailer for their wide-range of Star Trek comics.

Four Nerdy Tag Teams That’d Kick Butt in the Wrestling Ring

The geeks shall inherit the Earth and that also includes the Wrestling Ring (as if they haven't already). So which nerdy characters should make...

Four Perfect Nerdy Replacements for the PokéBall

Fancy a new way to store your snazzy Pokémon? Well, look no further because I've got four geeky gadgets that you can use instead of the classic Pokéball.
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Three Great Star Trek Comic Crossovers

Going boldly where no crossover has gone before

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Delayed

Bad news for Star Trek fans. Ubisoft has delayed Bridge Crew, the upcoming virtual reality title that was supposed to be ready on March 14. The game will now be available on May 30 for the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
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Where Can Star Trek “Boldly Go” Next? Warp Speed for a...

It's a little late in the summer to be offering a review of Star Trek: Beyond, but I can tell you that it was pretty awesome. But the greatness of this film has left wondering what is next for the franchise?
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My Top 5 Nerdy Martial Arts Moves to Geek your Way...

Listen closely Daniel San, it's time to check out the top 5 geeky martial art moves you can use in your next ultimate showdown with your arch nemesis for the fate of the world and in some cases, the universe.

Netflix to Boldly Release the New Star Trek Series Internationally

For those worried that they won't be able to see the new Star Trek series when it premiers on CBS over in the states, then we have good news. Netflix has managed to grab the international licensing rights to the series and will make it available across the globe.
Thunderbirds Are Go producers have released an exclusive image from the production of their new series; an insight into the brand new Tracy Island. The picture was unveiled as a Thunderbirds panel came together to discuss the heritage of the series at COMIC-CON® International, San Diego, in celebration of the show’s upcoming fiftieth anniversary in 2015. ITV Studios is currently in production with Pukeko Pictures on a remake of the classic series originally produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The series will debut on ITV and CITV in 2015 and has already been sold to Australia’s Nine Network.

Top 5 Nerdy Places to Live to Avoid the Brexit

The coin has been flipped and it has happened: the Brexit vote has occurred. And if you've now just had enough of the debate and would rather take a break away from the whole conversation, I've got you covered with 5 nerdy places for you to go and hang out in.

Let’s take a look back at Star Trek Deep Space 9

We've had a little bit of Star Trek news this week so let's look back at the last time the franchise was at its peak on the silver screen. A time that is called the 90s, or the 1990s to be precise.
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I’d like to see More of The Enterprise era of Star...

Let's get ahead of the Star Trek mania which is going to land this year. For many, the third instalment of this new Star Trek universe is kind of pivotal for many reasons, which I'm happy to explain.

The New Star Trek TV Series Has Some Big News

Word on the new Star Trek TV front is that one of the originals has signed on to help with the new series.
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Here’s an Absolutely Terrible Star Trek: The Next Generation Pitch

Where is the Star Trek franchise going? What will people think of Star Trek Beyond? Will the old guard of Star Trek fans ever feel satisfied with the rebooted franchise? How much longer will the current cast stay? Why are fans annoyed?

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