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Odd Things I’ve Noticed About Star Trek

I really do enjoy Star Trek, just like Star Wars or Stargate. If it has the word 'star' in it. I probably do enjoy it, but being a wannabe meticulous person, I've noticed some stuff about the show... Odd bits of detail that I'm sure other people have noticed, so I've decided to archive this for the ages so that others can notice these odd things too.

Four n3rdy Work out Places I Wish Existed

We've all done it dudes and dudettes, had some geek envy. We've all looked at Goku and have said to ourselves "I probably need...

Leonard Nimoy Dies at age 83

Sad news for all Star Trek nerds today as beloved actor widely known for playing Spock, has died today in home at the age of 83. His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death earlier this evening, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Who I think would make my “Space Justice League”

Unite the 7, Aquaman says. Does he mean the 7 potential Justice Leaguers? Or does he mean the 7 Chevrons needed to activate a Stargate? Why...

A Brief History of Star Trek Elite Force

Expecting a play on words with a famous line from Star Trek? Well we are talking about Star Trek Elite Force, and you know your Star Trek, you probably know a thing a two about this. However, I know a thing or three.

The Starship Avengers

I haven't done one of these in a while so let's get straight down to business. So there came a day like no other where a starship (You can pick which one, I'm not too fussy) faced a threat like no other, and since Spider-man and Captain America can't fly a starship, a team of Starship Avengers had to be called in.
Top 5 foot soliders

Top 5 Foot Soliders in all of N3rdom

It may say a lot about my career aspirations when I write this post but I think it'd be pretty fun to work as foot solider for a good or bad guy organisation. You'd get to go to exciting places and do exciting things but chances are you'll die. So here's comes my list of grunt jobs I'd gladly hand my CV in for, until I figured out what I really want to.
Star Trek

J.J. Abrams: Latest Star Trek game Obviously a Disappointment

J.J. Abrams has laid into the video game tie in for the most recent film in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Into Darkness. In an interview with Gamerhub at the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the moviie, Abrams had the following to say:..
robot avengers

The Robot Avengers

Superheroes can be robots. But what if one day all robot kind had to band together to face a threat like no other? Or what if one day the Avengers were off world and someone needed to take their place?

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