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Rumours point to EA making an open-world Star Wars game

Two job listings by EA Canada have started a torrent of rumours that the gaming giant could be working on an open-world Star Wars title...
Rogue Leadervideo

n3rdBurst Episode 4 – Star Wars: Rogue Leader

Today's n3rdBurst is a little different to normal, James takes a more subdued approach and plays a game he's enjoyed since he was a little ball of hair on the floor. Star Wars: Rogue Leader. Released for the GameCube and developed by a collaboration between LucasArts and Factor 5 it's essentially a space combat simulator set amidst the big battles of the Star Wars franchise.

NimbleBit and Disney Interactive Announce “Tiny Death Star” a Combination of...

NimbleBit, the developers behind the hit mobile games Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, and the upcoming Pocket Trains, have partnered with Disney Interactive to bring us Tiny Death Star which takes the idea of Tiny Tower and throws it in a blender with Star Wars!
Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars is blasting it’s way onto consoles this...

In a galaxy far, far away Activision Publishing in conjunction with Rovio Entertainment and Lucasfilm are pleased to announce that Angry Birds Star Wars is kicking into hyper drive and be making it's way onto consoles on the 29th of October complete with new levels, features and platform-unique design elements. It'll be landing on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Cover

Angry Birds Star Wars II – First Look

All the way back in November of last year I reviewed the new addition to the Angry Birds family, Angry Birds Star Wars. And in that review I mentioned the future of the game - "The Game it’s self is very good and has plenty of room to expand on the originally trilogy and I would expect that the new trilogy shall arrive eventually too.". I was right, and the prequel trilogy is getting it's own game. With some awesome looking extras.

E3 | Star Wars: Battlefront Official Preview

It's not much to go by and if you blinked you probably missed it, but check out a 30 second-ish clip of Star Wars: Battlefront.
Nerd Rage

Nerd Rage – How Quickly we Become Sith

Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering...

EA receive exclusive rights for Star Wars games.

Last year there was a small deal between LucasFilm and Disney over the Star Wars franchise, and it ended with Walt Disney Company buying the super-franchise. Wasn't very well covered, this could be the first you're hearing about it...
ST Pod Racer Revenge

#ThrowbackThursday – Star Wars Pod Racer Revenge.

You may of heard of a small film franchise called Star Wars. It's been out for a few years and there's a few people who like it. This film franchise has lead to an astonishing amount of games, some I've owned and loved, some I probably didn't know existed. But there was one Star Wars game that stood out even years after playing it, Pod Racer Revenge...

SWTOR gets first expansion. Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

The first digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now up and running...
Star Wars Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Event Day 1 – LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

So it begins, from today until the 24th of December we'll be bringing you an array of different gadgets, games, and gizmos (some great...
Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars: These Aren’t The Birds You’re Looking For

Angry Birds, One of the most loved games ever to grace the hand held gaming world has made yet another spinoff. The Rovio Empire...

Star Wars X-Wing the board game.

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure in playing my first ever game of the Star Wars X-Wing board game.  This is a game set...

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