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State of Decay for Xbox 360, PC is Full of Wangs

It seems some people have an addiction with adding penises on everything. I had a friend at school once who thought it would be hilarious to add a tiny dong on every corner of every page of my workbook, I wonder if he's working for this particular contractor?
state of decay

State of Decay for Xbox One Release Date to be Announced...

Undead Labs have revealed that the release date for State of Decay on the Xbox One will be announced this month!
state of decay

State of Decay Hits 2 Million Copies Sold, Xbox One Version...

Undead Labs announced yesterday that their open-world zombie survival title, State of Decay, has hit the two million copies sold mark across both Xbox Live and Steam and it shows no sign of slowing down, unlike some of the undead nasties you'll likely come across in the game.

State of Decay Coming to Xbox One as Year One Survival...

Remember that deal Undead Labs struck up with Microsoft? Well, looks like Xbox One owners will be reaping the benefits of that next year. The devs announced today that in Spring of next year, State of Decay will arrive on the Xbox One as a special Year One Survival Edition. What does that mean? It means 1080p, it means the full State of Decay bundle (with the add-ons Breakdown and Lifeline), enhanced animations and enhanced effects and as of yet unannounced new content.

Undead Labs to Reveal new Title on Monday

New game...new game....NEW GAME!

State of Decay Studio, Undead Labs, Won’t be Bringing their Xbox...

Those of you waiting eagerly to see what State of Decay studio Undead Labs has up their sleeves for E3, you'll probably be disappointed to hear that they won't be bringing their unannounced Xbox One game to the Los Angeles event, in fact they won't be attending E3 at all this year.

State of Decay Lifeline DLC Gets a New Trailer and Release...

Undead Labs has today released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Lifeline DLC for their zombie survival game State of Decay. The DLC, which is set to shuffle onto Xbox Live by May 30 if all goes well. The DLC is currently in certification so if all goes well we should be playing the new update this weeked!

State of Decay: Lifeline Still To Be Released In June.

The next State of Decay update will see players take on a more military-themed series of events as you will play a member of a response team battling the zombie outbreak...

State of Decay: Lifeline DLC Puts you in Control of the...

Last week State of Decay developers, Undead Labs, revealed details on their upcoming Lifeline expansion which is set to put you in control of the games Military, it'll shed some light on their side of the story too which is pretty exciting. The DLC hopes to offer a new perspective rather than new features in the game, it'll expand the games narrative and show you the other side of the games hard nosed military.
state of decay

State of Decay Adds New Map.

The new map will be called 'Lifeline' but at the moment has no release date. Is 'Lifeline' the lifeline that State of Decay needs with all the other Zombie games around?...

The n3rdcast Episode #7 | Sandwich Sex

This week your favorite three idiots talk game series they want gone, and some they want re-booted...
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n3rdabl3 Plays: State of Decay – Episode 09

Welcome back to n3rdabl3 Plays: State of Decay - Episode 09. In today's episode we're helping out Judge Lawton by cleaning out some infested houses. As we are really low on supplies, we manage to hit a gold mine of ammunition. Don't forget to join me in the next episode, where we will revisit where we first started...
State of Decay Covervideo

n3rdabl3 Plays: State of Decay – Episode 7

Welcome back to n3rdabl3 Plays: State of Decay - Episode 07. In this episode we're helping the army out by being their 'Eyes in the Sky'. We hit a few hordes as per usual but we're also hitting really low in supplies, so we are also on the look out for ammo and snacks.
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n3rdabl3 Plays: State of Decay Episode 6

Editors Note: Welcome to n3rdabl3 Plays State of Decay Episode Number 6! Our new layout means some new brand new features, one of which is...

State of Decay Sales Hit 1 Million!

On Friday Undead Labs announced that their open world zombie survival game, State of Decay has sold one million copies since it's massive launch in June. This milestone includes both the XBLA sales as well as the Early Access PC build which launched a few weeks ago.

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