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Steam Summer Sale 2019 Kicks off With Some Incredible Deals

Steam is kicking off the summer with yet another wallet-destroying sale, featuring incredible discounts on yet more stuff you'll buy and never play. Oh yes,...

Insurgency: Sandstorm is Free-to-Play This Weekend

Insurgency: Sandstorm is celebrating its latest patch with a free play weekend, available to everyone through steam. Insurgency: Sandstorm’s free weekend kicks off nice and...

Steam Summer Sale 2019 Dates Leak

Lock up your wallets, close your bank accounts and try not to remortgage the house, as the annual barrage to your savings arrives. Behold,...

Valve Culls Steam’s Video Section

Valve has removed a bunch of its movies from Steam in an effort to bring the focus back to gaming, the company has announced. Steam...

CS:GO Goes Free-to-Play, Launches Battle Royale Mode and Fans are Pissed

Ahead of The Game Awards 2018, Valve announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO as it's known, will be getting its own battle royale mode... and go free-to-play.

Steam’s Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sale Dates Leak

According to a reliable source, Steam's upcoming Halloween Sale, Autumn Sale, and Winter Sale have been revealed, so prepare your wallets.

Valve to Start Moderating Steam Comments

Valve will start moderating reported comments on Steam. I know I know, I'm wondering what the hell they were doing before too. As of September...

Steam Game Masked as Cryptocurrency Miner Scams Players

It's been discovered that a game on Steam has been sneakily using players' computers to mine cryptocurrency without the players' consent, just proving that...

Steam Puts Adult Games On Hold

The immensely popular PC gaming platform Steam has temporarily withheld the release of some adult games. This is to last until they have finished developing a tool to filter adult or erotic games out for people who do not wish to see them.

Valve now lets you Know Exactly how Much Money you’ve Spent...

If you're like me, at some point you've sat and thought "how much have I spent on Steam?". Well buddy, Valves got you covered.

Valve to Continue Fight Against “Fake Games” on Steam

Valve is set to place limitations on achievements and game counts as they take more strides to eliminate "fake games" on Steam. Last May, Valve...
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Valve to Stop Policing Content on Steam

In news that comes as a slight surprise considering the recent stand Valve took on "Erotic" games last month, they have now announced that they will stop policing the content released on its digital distribution platform, Steam.
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Steam Link App Brings PC Gaming to Mobile

Valve has announced that it'll be releasing a Steam Link app onto Android and iOS that'll allow players to play PC games on their phones and tablets.

Steam Summer Sale Start Date Leaked

The start date for Steam's massive annual sale, The Steam Summer Sale, has leaked online and it looks like it'll be coming at the...

Valve Addresses Latest Steam Machine Development

Recently Valve removed the Steam Machine page from the Steam storefront which suggests the company has given up on their living room PC initiative. However in a forum post, the company claims that this is just routine cleaning.

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