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PS Plus January 2019

Here are your PlayStation Plus Games for January 2019

Sony has unveiled the latest line up of games that'll be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers for free in January 2019, and...

Steep is no Longer Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft's Steep was one of the titles first announced for the Nintendo Switch, way back even before the release of the console, alongside launch titles Mario Oddessy and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been canceled for Nintendo's portable home hybrid.

Steep is Still Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft's open world winter sports giant Steep, is still coming to the Nintendo Switch, and is currently in the optimisation phase of the games development.

E3 2017: First Steep Expansion Revealed

During Ubisoft's E3 2017 Press Conference the first expansion for winter sports game Steep was revealed. The expansion is titled "Road to the Olympics"...

Steep’s Alaska DLC Gets Delayed, Yetis to Blame.

Steep's free Alaska DLC has been delayed and is expected to be released in 2 weeks. The free DLC package set to expand the range of mountains was set to be released over the weekend (February 11).

Steep Expands to Include Alaska in Free DLC

STEEP will be receiving a new free DLC pack that adds an Alaskan mountain to the already expansive range.

Battle of the Boards: Steep Review

Steep is an extreme sports game like no other thus far. It brings wingsuits, skiis, snowboards and paragliding all into one tidy little bundle. You'd think a game with so many different styles of play, it would be a bit of a flustercluck, but you'd be wrong.

Steep Lives Up To A Tall Order

Steep was revealed at E3 2016 as part of Ubisoft's conference showcase and it made quite an impression on the community. Being revealed in May, I don't think anyone was expecting to see an open beta this soon, but here it is! As an SSX and general snowsports fan, felt obliged to pick it up as it became available.

Here’s What’s Included in the Steep Season Pass

Ubisoft has unveiled the details of the Season Pass for Steep which is set to include three "themed content packs" that'll keep players occupied as they bomb down the snow covered alps.

Carve up Some Powder in the Steep Beta Weekends

While many of us may be putting together the perfect Halloween costume for this weekend, Ubisoft is decking themselves out in winter gear as they prepare to launch a handful of open beta weekends for their upcoming extreme sports game Steep.

Ubisoft’s Steep, The Extreme Sports Game We’ve Been Waiting For?

Ubisoft are always full of surprises when it comes to E3, last year we saw For Honor ending the show, leaving people with a taste for viking melee action, and now this year we got Steep, an extreme sports game featuring snowboarding, wingsuits, and much more. But is it the game we've been waiting for?

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