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Street Fighter V Adds Falke To The Roster

Capcom has announced that Falke will be joining the Street Fighter V roster later this month.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review

It's almost commonplace in today's gaming industry to have a full game hit a year after its initial release. With patches, critical fans, and...

Zeku Infiltrates Street Fighter V

Things are about to get tougher for Ryu and the gang as new challengers makes their way other to Street Fighter V. Zeku is the newest member of the cast, but will be any good?
CPT 2017

Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Details Revealed

Holy moly! Capcom has entered the fray with this years Pro Tour details and it's looking pretty spicy. Some key changes have been made...
Screenshot 2017-02-22 14

Is Street Fighter V The WWE of eSports?

"I'm just a one hit wonder but you just got cooked by my Secondary..." A glorious quote from earlier this week on ESL's weekly King of The Hill event.
Street Fighter V

Capcom Admits Street Fighter V “Needed More Polish”

Following the launch of Street Fighter V the game received a number of complaints from fans in regards to the lack of story mode as well as a pretty bad rage-quitting issue. Capcom have done their best to make things right with the latter, but the game still lacks any sort of single player action and now Capcom admits that the game could have done with a little more polish.
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has Shipped 1.4 Million Copies

Despite launch woes, Capcom's latest brawler, Street Fighter V has managed to ship 1.4 million copies since launch. Unfortunately for Capcom however, it misses its goal of 2 million sold by the end of the financial year.
R Mika

Modder Re-Enables Controversial Butt-Slap in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has only been out for a day and people have already managed to mod the game to reverse a controversial change to one R. Mika's moves. The original version of her Super from the game's early Beta (in which she teams up with her wrestling partner Nadeshiko to finish off her opponent) she would be shown slapping her rear-end and taunting her rival.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco Beats Street Fighter Legend Daigo Umehara

If you follow Street Fighter, chances are you’ve heard the name Daigo Umehara. He’s been named one of the greatest eSports stars in history, with his work in Street Fighter noted for being some of the best in fighting games. He’s been active and pretty much unrivaled since the late 90’s.

Capcom Promises No on-disc DLC for Street Fighter V

During a interview with Game Revolution at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom's producer Matt Dahlgreen has assured players that there'll be no on-disc DLC for Street Fighter
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Brand new Street Fighter V Trailer Highlights the Return of Charlie...

Fan favourite, Charlie Nash, returns to Street Fighter V in this latest trailer from Capcom, sporting a brand new look. Nash first arrived in the...
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Here’s the First PlayStation 4 Gameplay Footage of Street Fighter V

If you've been offline over the weekend then chances are you missed the Capcom Cup where Capcom promised fighting game fans a first-look at the upcoming Street Fighter title which was announced last week to come exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PC, Street Fighter V. First there was off-screen footage of the fight which may have been enough for those looking for anything about the game, but if you prefer to see your games crisp and clear, here's the full fight for your viewing pleasure.
Street Fighter Vvideo

Street Fighter V Officially Unveiled at the PlayStation Experience

This weekend was a busy one for gaming! On Friday night we had The Game Awards in Las Vegas where we saw a ton of announcements, then the PlayStation Experience a day later, also in Las Vagas where a ton of PlayStation related announcements were revealed too. One of the many reveals was Street Fighter V, a game which was leaked a little earlier last week that's expected to land on PC and PlayStation 4. At the time little detail was revealed, but now we've got the full trailer including one fancy gameplay trailer.

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