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Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown Releases

What a world we live in! Once upon a time, the only shared thread between Power Ranger and Street Fighter was Brian Cranston had done voice work for American television adaptations of both. Now it seems Ryu and his other World Warrior chums have crossed into the Power Rangers cannon.

Street Fighter comes to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is about to get a little more fighty as Capcom's famed Street Fighter is coming to the game.

Street Fighter Resurrection KO’d Outside US

Street Fighter Resurrection got knocked out of an International release...
action man

Nerdy Suggestions for UK Prime Minister

With a Snap Election on the cards for us in the UK, it's up to the nerds to suggest who should take the reigns of the UK next so let's dig deep. So what is our criteria of who could be the first nerdy Prime Minister?
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Is Street Fighter V The WWE of eSports?

"I'm just a one hit wonder but you just got cooked by my Secondary..." A glorious quote from earlier this week on ESL's weekly King of The Hill event.
EVO 2016

Why you Should be Watching EVO 2016

Since 2002,  the highest caliber of fighting games have met in Las Vegas to attend the Evolution Championship Series, or Evo. Maintaining a constant...

Comic Review: Street Fighter x GI Joe #1

The Real American Heroes are testing their might against the classic Capcom franchise. Who will win? Street Fighter or G.I Joe? Which ninja is better and which military man is tougher? Let's find out.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco Beats Street Fighter Legend Daigo Umehara

If you follow Street Fighter, chances are you’ve heard the name Daigo Umehara. He’s been named one of the greatest eSports stars in history, with his work in Street Fighter noted for being some of the best in fighting games. He’s been active and pretty much unrivaled since the late 90’s.
G.I. Joe Cobra Issue 1 Variant

G.I Joe should be a fighting game

Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter, Injustice, Dead or Alive and G.I Joe? You know what I'm on about right? The action figure line...

VERSUS Episode 2 – Street Fighter

Ever wanted to watch some washed up gamers play each other to the (virtual) death in a weekly competition featuring awesome games and cool background music that sounds all 8-bit-y? Then do we have the show for you...

Will the PlayStation 4 be Seeing a Street Fighter Reboot.

Yesterday the Internet saw the release of a new viral video titled Hadouken Cabs which splices Street Fighter with Sony's next-generation PlayStation 4 console in an 80's themed commercial for Hadouken Cabs.

Resident Evil 5 is Capcom’s Highest Selling Title

Capcom have released updated sales figures for their franchises, which place Resident Evil 5 as the biggest selling game of their history...
Ultra street fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV Shows Off New Battle Systems.

Ultra Street Fighter IV was not received well due to fans of the series expecting Street Fighter V but as the creator Yoshinori Ono says that he has no budget for a new instalment and I can see why; They have Deadrising 3 coming out soon for the Xbox One.

Tekken x Street Fighter is “Still in Development”, Harada Reassures

In case you'd forgotten, the Capcom release of Street Fighter x Tekken came well over a year ago with little mention of its painfully-long-awaited sister title, Tekken x Street Fighter. Considering Tekken producer, Kasuhiro Harada, announced the Namco half of the collaboration three years ago, some news other than the obvious inclusion of Ryu would be fantastic.

Capcom announced Street Fighter IV is going “Ultra”

It’s been three years since the release of Super Street fighter 4 and Capcom have once again reared its many hydra head to whisper its name into our ears once more, but this time they say “Ultra”.

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