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Sunset Overdrive Looks to be Coming to PC… Again

Sunset Overdrive might be heading to PC sometime soon as ratings for the game have surfaced as well as a Steam DB listing.
Sunset Overdrive Cover

Sunset Overdrive Rated for PC in Korea

Sunset Overdrive, now there's a game I haven't heard about in some time but hear it, and hear it good, because it looks like it might be making a comeback.

Microsoft is to Blame for Lack of Sunset Overdrive Sequel

Insomniac Games has recently spoken out about the lack of Sunset Overdrive sequel, seemingly pointing the finger at Microsoft.

Insomniac Games Would Like To Bring Sunset Overdrive to PC

A little while ago a rumour surfaced to suggest that Insomniac Games were working on bringing their Xbox One action/adventure game, Sunset Overdrive, to PC. Sadly we've heard nothing official since, that is until now. But it may not be the news we were looking for.

Here’s your Games with Gold for April

Woah, it looks like Microsoft is pulling out all of the stops for April's Games with Gold offering. As usual Xbox One players have a total of four games to choose from thanks to Backwards compatibility, but you may be too preoccupied with one particular title this month.

Sunset Overdrive Content Coming to Rocket League on Xbox One

Although Rocket League hasn't hit Xbox One just yet, a swath of exclusive content will be coming to the game. It began with a few exclusive vehicles in the style of HALO and Gears of War vehicles, but now Sunset Overdrive's Fizzie is set to splurge his orange goop all over the place.
Screenshot from 2015-03-04 11:07:42video

Sunset Overdrive’s Final Expansion Arrives on April 1

Insomniac Games has announced the final expansion coming to Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, will land on April 1 and is called, Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines. It's a bit of a mouthful and as usual it's jam packed with content to keep Sunset City dwellers happy.

Sunset Overdrive Bumps Up Achievements, Goes on Sale

Sunset Overdrive, the game which sees players traversing around a bright and colourful world infested with orange mutants searching for the next drop of...
Sunset Overdrive

Player Created Character ‘The Chase’ Comes to Sunset Overdrive Soon

If you didn't know already, Insomniac Games and Polygon held a competition which allowed people to design their own character for Sunset Overdrive to be in with a chance of having their characer in the game. A few months have passed since then and this week we'll finally be able to see what the winner, Chase Nichol, has created.
Sunset Overdrivevideo

Hey Look The First Sunset Overdrive Expansion has Been Announced, Adds...

Huzzah! For those of you already getting tired of bouncing, grinding, and slamming your way through Sunset City, which I'm sure you know like the back of your hand by now, you'll be pleased to know come December 23 you'll be able to grab yourself the first Sunset Overdrive expansion, Mooil Rig, a brand new area in Sunset City that isn't in Sunset City at all, in fact it's based on an oil rig out in the sea. Along with the new area you'll get some new weapons and some new moves
Sunset Overdrivevideo

New Content for Sunset Overdrive will be Voted For by the...

In the latest episode of Sunset TV, Insomniac Games have highlighted a brand new voting system which will allow you the player to decide what content goes into Sunset Overdrive, whether it's new outfits, new missions, new weapons, and more.

Yet to Play Sunset Overdrive? Well you Can for Free this...

If you're yet to play the 'Awesomeapocalypse' that is Sunset Overdrive and you own an Xbox One, well this weekend for 24 whole hours you can play one of the most insane games I've played this year absolutely free! Though you better have a decent Internet connection otherwise you'll probably be spending most of that time downloading it, and you'll also need Xbox Live Gold too.

Sunset Overdrive Review, Insanely Awesome Exhausting Excitement

Sunset Overdrive is the latest big release for Xbox One that I've personally been pining over for months now. It's a game that, from...
arsenal FIFA 15

UK Gaming Charts: Even the TNTeddy Can’t Knock FIFA 15 from...

Sunset Overdrive launched last Friday and though it only launched on Xbox One the game did pretty freaking well for itself, so much so that it debuted in second place this week, unfortunately though, FIFA 15 is still holding strong in first place. Will anything shake the football title from the top spot?

Microsoft Apologises for Sunset Overdrive PC Listing.

If you were offline over the weekend you may have missed that Microsoft accidentally ran an advert which stated that the Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, was coming to PC too. Microsoft quickly refuted the ad stating simply that the ad was a "mistake." Though this isn't the first time we've seen Sunset Overdrive and PC mentioned in the same sentence.

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