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n3rdabl3 staff games of the year 2018

n3rdabl3 Staff Games of the Year 2018

It's 2019! Happy new year and all that. And with an exciting year ahead of us (we're officially in Kingdom Hearts 3...

Free 8-Bit and Santa Costumes for Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has released a handful of new outfits for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey to celebrate the holiday season.

Super Mario Odyssey Review

2017 is the new 1998. Kids growing up with video games in their households will look back at this year with the same reverence...

Super Mario Odyssey Surpasses 2 Million Copies Sold

Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Odyssey, which launched on Nintendo Switch last week, has surpassed 2 million copies sold.

Watch Mario Dance in New Live Action Trailer for Super Mario...

Nintendo have released another trailer for Super Mario Odyssey but they've taken things in a new direction.

First Impressions: Super Mario Odyssey

At the Hyper Japan Festival 2017 this weekend I got the chance to play ten minutes of Super Mario Odyssey. Okay, okay it’s not...

E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Nintendo used their E3 Spotlight to share more information around Super Mario Odyssey - including an October release date. The game will release for Switch...

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