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Super Meat Boy Creators Remain Distant

One half of the creative force behind indie masterpiece Super Meat Boy has confirmed that the duo won't be collaborating together anytime soon.
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Super Meat Boy may be Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Although Super Meat Boy is yet to actually land on the Wii U, it won't be too long before Nintendo fans can get their hands on the meaty goodness as it's launching on May 12, but that may not be the only Nintendo platform that Super Meat Boy lands on...
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Super Meat Boy set for May 12th release on Wii U

Indie hit Super Meat Boy is back in the release schedule once again as the Wii U release date has officially been announced. Set...

Super Meat Boy devs hint at Cooking up Wii U version

Team Meat, other than having a great name for a studio, have hinted pretty heavily in a recent blog post about the future of Super Meat Boy.
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Super Meat Boy Forever Development Back on Track

Developer Edmund McMillen, half of Team Meat, the people behind the rather awesome Super Meat Boy has told Destructoid he is working once again on Super Meat Boy Forever
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Super Meat Boy is Finally Coming to PlayStation

If you've been waiting for Team Meat's splat tastic platformer, Super Meat Boy, to come to PlayStation, then the wait is finally over as the game is landing not just on PlayStation 4, but PS Vita too later this year. And to apologise for the incredibly long wait, at launch it'll be available as part of the PlayStation Plus instant game promotion!
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Kids Rage Quit to: Super Meat Boy

Anyone that's played Super Meat Boy will know the feeling of rage and frustration associated with the game, and it looks like kids and teens aren't immune to the need to rage quit before they break something, either.

Super Meat Boy for iOS is On Hold for Mew-Genics

We've done a few Mew-Genics updates over the past few months and the latest is that Super Meat Boy for iOS is currently on...
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Advent Calendar Event Day 8 – Super Meat Boy Chopping Board

There's nothing I love more than when a video game and food mix together. There's an array of gaming themed food tutorials dotted about...

Team Meat are Teasing us with New Images From Their New...

Team Meat, the guys behind the ever popular Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac games have slowly been releasing different pieces of...

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