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Tyler Hoechlin Cast as Superman for Supergirl

Superman returns to TV.

Superman will Fly in Supergirl Season 2

Is it a bird is it a plane? Is it another tired reference that most people under a certain age won't get? No... It's Superman! Or is it Supergirl?

Stuff I’d like to See Happen in Supergirl

A little late, I know, but I started watching Supergirl this week and I can happily say, I'm really enjoying it so far. It's the best Superman thing so far in this decade. So chew on that Man of Steel, you just got beaten.
superboy vs supergirl

Dear DC: I Miss You Superboy and Supergirl

Hey look, another letter. Where did that come from? Someone's left a letter on my desk about Superboy and Supergirl. I'd be pretty stupid if I didn't post this instead of my super interesting movie pitch. Wouldn't I?

Supergirl Gets A Full Season Order, No Crossover Plans

Well, it look likes Supergirl may just be here to stay, with show receiving a full season order over on CBS, but it has been confirmed...

Supergirl And The Flash Crossover May Be In The Works

There may be a crossover in the works between The CW's hit series The Flash and CBS's own DC title, Supergirl. The report comes via entertainment news site Bleeding Cool, who claim they received the information from a "reliable source".

Supergirl Needs Some Back-up so here’s a few Suggestions!

Eeep! looks like a certain girl with super powers and her own TV show has got her plate full come Autumn. Who do I refer to? Supergirl of course!
red tornado

Red Tornado sweeps into Supergirl

It's one for Young Justice fans too! That's right the cross wind is back! Red Tornado has been revealed as a villain for Supergirl....

First Look at CBS’s Supergirl!

Superman isn't the only red caped, blue spandex wearing hero out there. The first trailer for CBS' Supergirl has landed! We got a good look...

CBS’s Supergirl Costume Unveiled in First Images

The first images of Supergirl have been unveiled, and they're a little... safe? Let's face it. We are getting better at producing superhero costumes. We've...

Jimmy Olsen cast in Supergirl

More news from the Supergirl production, now Jimmy Olsen has been cast. We're just excited because it'll be better than the movie that we're not supposed to talk about.

A brief look at Cyborg Supergirl

DC seem to be trying the sitcom format with Supergirl. Cyborg Supergirl, Red Lantern Supergirl and now Space Hogwarts Supergirl. What I mean by the...

Gleeful Supergirl Cast Announced

CBS have this week announced the cast of their Supergirl show. The show, which is based on the DC Comics character is set to join The Flash, Arrow* and Constantine, with a Teen Titans series also in the works.

A Brief History of Elseworld’s Finest Batgirl & Supergirl

I've been waiting for this one for a long time; Batgirl and Supergirl, like you, haven't seen them before. That's right boys and girls it's an Elseworld's Finest tale, a world where things are slightly different where things have played out differently.

Supergirl Returns to TV

Is it a bird is it a plane? Is it man? No it's Supergirl! That's right the girl of steel is getting her own TV show like her DC brothers The Flash and Arrow.

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