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Surgeon Simulator CPR Announced for Nintendo Switch

Surgeon Simulator is set to bring its janky physics-based surgery to Nintendo Switch, Bossa Studios has announced, with Surgeon Simulator CPR.

Surgeon Simulator is Possibly Coming to the Switch

Surgeon Simulator, the whacky physics-based game from Bossa Studios, is likely making its way to Nintendo Switch if this teaser trailer is anything to go by.

Surgeon Simulator Hits 2 Million Copies Sold, Silly Really Really Does...

Following Young Horses revealing how well Octodad: Dadliest Catch has done, Bossa Studios have too revealed that Surgeon Simulator has sold a total of...
I Am Bread Hero

“Building Games for YouTube is a Bad Idea” Says Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios are the British studio responsible for one of the most insane games I've ever played, ever: Surgeon Simulator. Surgeon Simulator, since its first introduction as a free-to-play title from the studios game-jam website, videos have been popping up all over the web with hilarious playthroughs of amateur surgeries gone horribly wrong. Recently the company also announced their new title I Am Bread, a game which sees players controlling a slice of bread who's only goal is to get to the toaster.
Surgeon Simulator logovideo

Quick, Sell a Kidney! Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition Releases on PS4...

Possibly the most violent game since Mortal Kombat hit shelves, Surgeon Simulator is finally making an appearance on a home console, granting dreams to...
Surgeon Simulator logovideo

Surgeon Sim Cutting its Way into PlayStation 4

Get your hands sanitized, and your PS4 ready for the operation room.
Surgeon Sim

Surgeon Simulator for iPad Gets a Free Update, Alien DLC Patient...

Surgeon Simulator for iPad brings with it even more fiddly and frustrating controls complete with a handful of new surgeries including an eye watering eye surgery and a fairly brutal dentistry surgery, but there's more to come reveal Bossa Studio, the UK based studio behind the most frustrating and hilarious game ever made.
Surgeon Simulator logo

Surgeon Simulator for iPad Review

Nigel Burke is back. Bob is screwed.

After successfully filling YouTube with a ridiculous cross between butchery and surgery, Surgeon Simulator has hopped from PC to iOS - it's still as ridiculous.

Bossa Studio’s Show Off the New iPad Version of Surgeon Simulator...

Look, it's Bob, he's come in for a routine dental check up and the guys at Bossa Studios have decided to have some fun with him whilst he's in Nigel's dental chair. Silly, silly Bob.

Surgeon Simulator – Shh, I Dentist Now.. Coming soon to iPad.

Bossa Studio's has just released a teaser video for what looks to be a dentist surgery for the Tablet version of Surgeon Simulator 2013! Earlier this week the company teased the new surgery via their Twitter account, now we get a better look said surgery and.. is that Jack hitting the poor sod with a heart rate monitor?
Surgeon Simulatorvideo

Here’s Surgeon Simulator Played with the Steam Controller.

Over the course of the past few weeks Valve have been shipping all 300 of their Steam Machine prototypes along with the Steam Controller for the lucky buggers to play with and give feedback. One beta participant and YouTube user Trial By Game has recorded a handful of videos that are played using the Steam Controller, and you can see them here.

Steam Autumn Sale: Day 3 (November 29)

We're now onto the third day of the Steam Sale and we're seeing some really fantastic deals hitting our wallets as we enter the Christmas month, yeah, thanks for that!

It's Black Friday in the States and for the first time ever it's been heavily adopted here in Blighty too, unsurprisingly we've also had the same series of arrests and squabbles, So let's stop knocking each other out and knock a few more presents off of our Christmas Shopping List instead as we dive into today's awesome deals.
Surgeon Simulator 2013video

n3rdBurst – Surgeon Simulator 2013: Ambulance Mode Mayhem

So Surgeon Simulator 2013 is awesome and we all know this. Just take a look at previous n3rdBursts and you'll see my first foray into it. Today though, here's the much promised ambulance mode uncut version with 6 minutes of hammers getting stuck in a poor mans chest and touching cloth.
Surgeon Simulator 2013video

n3rdBurst Episode 3 – Surgeon Simulator 2013

Another n3rdBurst here for you wonderful people! This time James tries his hand at being a surgeon and proves to the world why he never got into the profession.
Surgeon Simulator 2013

Bossa Studios Hint at a Tablet Release of Surgeon Simulator 2013

One of my personal highlights of Eurogamer last weekend was being invited into the Surgeon Simulator ambulance, which was set up outside the front of the convention, whilst in the themed ambulance I spoke with some of the team behind Surgeon Simulator, who hinted that the humorous operation sim may be making its way to tablet devices...

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