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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Set to Make an Appearance at E3 2019

It seems like an age since we heard anything surrounding Techland’s Dying Light 2, it first surfaced during Microsoft’s official E3 conference last summer...

Dying Light 2 is not a Typical Zombie Game

In a recent interview with AusGamers, Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala confirmed what some of the E3 viewers had suspected; the reduced number of zombies in the daylight wasn't just for the sake of the footage's narrative but was actually an indicator of human interaction taking center stage in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale will be Standalone, Coming to...

Techland has revealed more details about its upcoming battle royale mode for Dying Light, Dying Light: Bad Blood, that'll be launching into Early Access later this year.

E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Announced

During Microsoft's Showcase at E3 2018, Microsoft unveiled Dying Light 2, the next game from Techland.

Dying Light Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary with Valentines Day Treats

Dying Light hits its third anniversary this year and to celebrate, Techland are releasing a bunch of free stuff for players.
Pure Farming 2018 Wallpaper

Pure Farming 2018 Trailer Comes in Threes

Pure Farming 2018 publisher Techland and developer Ice Flames have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming agricultural simulator which highlights the three unique game modes available to players when the game launches later this year.
dying light

Dying Light Latest Game to go Battle Royale

The latest Dying Light expansion, Bad Blood, will add a new PvP Battle Royale mode to the game. Given the recent success of PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s relatively unsurprising that developer Techland will begin offering a similar mode for Dying Light.

Dying Light DLC #0 Arrives on Console Along Side DLC #1

Techland has today announced that the previously released content drop for their zombie survival game, Dying Light, is now available on console along with Content Drop #1.
dying light

Hyper Mode Returns to Dying Light

Dying Light developer Techland has announced that fan-favourite community-lead challenge, Hyper Mode, will be coming back to Dying Light.

Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 Arrives Today

Techland has released the first free content for Dying Light, titled Content Drop #0, which brings another deadly new faction as well as a new zombie to the Old Town.
dying light

Dying Light Gets Another Year of Content

Techland's zombie survival game Dying Light is still alive and very much kicking, so much so that the developers are supporting the game for another year with a bunch of new content.

Techland Announces Pure Farming 2018

Techland have announced their "brand new IP" Pure Farming 2018, but before you go pinching yourself, you're not having Deja Vu.

Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

One of my earliest memories of PC gaming was buying a second hand copy of Baldur's Gate 2 from my local LAN-arena way back when. I can’t remember how much it cost, but I do remember the cool looking jewel case which folded out like a butterfly with awesome looking artwork on the cover, and the promises of a whole new world to discover on the back. I think I must have played the opening section of that game about 20 times, starting over every few months for a time after maybe getting a bit lost in the main story.
dying light

Techland Announces Halloween ‘Zombiefest’ in Dying Light

Techland has announced that a brand new Halloween Community Bounty will be taking place in Dying Light this weekend that's set to pit Survivors and Night Hunters against each other.

Techland are “Looking Into” Mod Support for Pure Farming 17: The...

These next few months are going to be an interesting one for fans of Farming Simulator as not only do we have Farming Simulator 17, but we have a new contender in the form of Techland's Pure Farming 17: The Simulator. While both offer their own unique features, one thing which users are keen to get involved in, is modding, and that's something Techland are keen to look into.

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