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The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition Spotted on ESRB...

Good news Walking Dead fans and I mean the game not the TV series, The Game of the Year Ddition has been given a ESRB rating, at least the rating has been spotted on the rating boards website, that means it is closer to coming out soon. Walking Dead GOTY has been rumoured to be released on Xbox, PS3 PC and Mac, unfortunately, no official date or price has been announced just yet.

Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us Launches this Friday.

This Friday (October 11) Telltale Games will be launching the first episode of their new game, The Wolf Among Us for Xbox 360, PC, and Mac. The game will take on a similar episodic theme and art style to their The Walking Dead video game series and is also based on a series of comic books, more specifically, the DC Comics' Fables universe.

Remember The Walking Dead: 400 Days? Yeah, Well It’s Out This...

Announced earlier today by IGN, Telltale has given us release dates for their new DLC exspansion; The Walking Dead: 400 Days! You better get prepared for some difficult choices-- it will be out this week worldwide on all major systems.
WD Game

Game of the Year winner ‘The Walking Dead’ now available at...

For those of you who love the Walking Dead (and who doesn't) news of the release of Telltale's winner of game of the year can only come as a welcome thing.
Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Series 1 Review

As a The Walking Dead fanboy I was ecstatic when the comics were being made into a TV show and then super ecstatic when said TV show was being adapted into a video game that you can download in episodes! The entire concept of not having the whole game at once and there being true cliffhangers sold it to me immediately.

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