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avengers infinity war screenshot

Avengers: Infinity War Behind the Scenes Clip Released

Marvel has released a brand new video for their upcoming movie, Avengers: Infinity War, and we're trying to contain our excitement...
square enix marvel

Marvel and Square Enix Team up for Multi-Game Partnership

Today Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix anounced a new multi-year, multi-game licensing agreement that'll bring new games based on Marvel Super Heroes, starting with The Avengers.
LEGO Marvel Avengers

Who Could Form the Skateboarding Avengers?

I haven't done this in a while, but let's say that we need another team of Avengers since all the different versions are busy doing other superhero stuff. So we need to call upon the last team of Avengers on the heap. The Skateboarding Avengers. Though who is going to be part of such a team?

Top 5 Moments In Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

Captain America: Civil War is definitely a VERY highly anticipated film this year. The third instalment in the Captain America franchise will show fan-favourites going head-to-head in what can be summed as "Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America" - basically, it's a superhero showdown of epic proportions. And now, fans have been treated to the second official - and we've got the best moments picked out for you!

Captain America: Civil War Superbowl 50 Trailer Released

#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? This is the question Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are asking themselves with the impending release of Captain America: Civil War drawing ever nearer. And now, that question is more relevant than ever with the release of the Superbowl 50 trailer for the upcoming superhero fight film!

Fantastic Four vs. The Avengers – a Top Trumps Battle

It's time for superhero beatdown. Fox vs. Marvel studios. Who will win?

Big Stories are in the Future for Marvel’s All-New All-Different Avengers

Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid has spoken to Comic Book Resources about the All-New All-Different Avengers and what we can expect in October.

Opinion: The Latest Nerdy Movie Teasers, are They Really News-worthy?

We've had a number of comic book movie teasers this week, both from Marvel and DC. But are all of them necessarily newsworthy? Let's take a look at the teasers images Marvel movies have dropped this week and discuss.

A brief history of the Mighty Avengers

It's an Avengers year. That's a phrase I want to toss around when an Avengers film opens at the box office. This week we're going...

Here’s a Look at the Final New Avengers / Avengers Covers...

Marvel have just revealed the covers for Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33, the final issues of Jonathan Hickman fantastic run before Secret Wars begins in May.

Here’s the new Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Do you remember when trailers didn't have trailers? Way before Marvels little project with the New Avengers movie? I do. I also miss when it was a surprise when a trailer came out. When a trailer did come out, it didn't mean much because usually the studio kept its card so close to its chest, they might as well have given you a montage with no sound.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Character Bio Have Been Revealed

So now we know the movie origin of Ultron and The Vision, the two A.I additions to Age of Ultron, but how do they compare with their comic originals? Let me tell you, but first check out the leaked promo art at the bottom of this post.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is going to affect Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Which is cool, but unsurprising.

The Naruto Avengers – The Ultimate Mangahero Team

So a day came like no other, when some writer about the comic book industry decided to give you a list of his favourite...

All you’ll Need to Know About Marvel Phase 3 Until the...

It's happened, Marvel Phase 3 has been announced. Because people weren't excited about what's left of Phase 2...

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