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Oh Hey! Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher is Pretty Good!

Let's be honest, DC and Marvel are trying to take over the world...

A First Look of Ultron from The Avengers : Age of...

The first photo of Ulton the villain from the next Avengers film have appeared online giving us a first glimpse of James Spader as Ultron.

A Brief History of The Incredible Hulk

Do you know annoys me sometimes? Catchphrases. Do you know what irritates me? Overused catchphrases. Do you know what really irritates me? Catchphrases used out of context. THAT GET'S JOSH REALLY ANGRY! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Now Josh in right mood to tell you about The Incredible Hulk!
the avengers

A Brief History of The Avengers

Looking back at all of the Comic Book Brief Histories that I've written, I've never actually written about the Avengers. So here goes, a brief history of The Avengers.
ASP cover

Spider-Man Wants In On The Avengers

The star of The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield has expressed a want for a Spidey / Avengers cross-over film. Many of us know that Spider-Man is part of The Avengers in the comics but when it comes to the big screen, just like the X-Men it's a web of film right issues that stop the superheroes from ever teaming up...
Scarlett Johansson Black Widow

Marvel’s Black Widow could have a film coming

And she's getting a bigger role in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers Assemble Final Issue Released in March

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has confirmed that issue #25 of Avengers Assemble will be the series' last.

The confirmation came via DeConnick's personal tumblr. She posted "[Warren] Ellis wants me to tell you he 'murdered it with special English curse magics,' but in truth the book fulfilled its mandate, so it’s done with issue 25."

Minecraft Marvel Avengers Skin Pack Video

Okay so you might have heard of this already but now, you can all assemble to see just what heroes and villains you can send down a mineshaft to do some real hard work instead of poncing about in spandex all day.

New Additons to The Avengers 2 will be ‘Kick Ass’

It seems the new additions to the Avengers 2 cast, will be Kick Ass. As in Kick Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be playing silver haired speedster Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff).
lego avengers

The LEGO Avengers

I'll LEGO of any brick related jokes for this piece. Let's set the scene, a day came like no other and the not-so-stable LEGO models started to fall apart. No one had got any of the Marvel or DC LEGO sets, so we were short on superheroes, but any can be a hero, just look at real life. So to save the day I present to you the LEGO Avengers.
mervel manga

A Whistle Stop Tour of Marvel Mangaverse

They say manga and comics mix like fruit and chocolate, but I enjoy the taste of raisins and other organic tree fodder fused with some processed coco beans.

The Marvel Mangaverse was an early project on the 2000s. A series of issues in which writers re-imagined the Marvel mainstays like Spider-man, The Hulk and the Avengers in the style of a Japanese comic (AKA Manga).
Resident evil images

The Resident Evil Avengers

So a day like any other came. Zombies appeared and Halloween is coming so it makes this kind of relevant. With STARS disbanded and brains gobbled up around, someone commissioned the Avengers of the Resident Evil universe. So who made the line up? Let's find out.
Marvel anime Avengers Marvel Disc Wars

The Avengers Assemble for the First Time in Anime as Disk...

The Avengers are set to get the Pokemon treatment as the anime product company Toei (and a little help from Disney) have announced the first anime involving the Marvel superhero team, The Avengers.

Heroes I’d like to see in Agents of SHIELD

So everyone seems to like ABC's hit new series Agents of SHIELD, it's been on for two weeks (one week in the UK) and it's time for me to toss out a theory: Coulson is a robot. Or in the Marvel lingo, an LMD, an acronym Tony Stark mentioned during the Avengers. So I reckon Coulson is a robot who doesn't know he's a robot which could somehow link to into a robotic villain called Ultron - I couldn't imagine why they'd do that.

The Martial Arts Avengers

So yet again, there comes another day where there was evil no one hero could withstand. But due to various commitments the heroes of the Marvel universe are incapacitated. So for some bizarre reason it's up to me to choose a temporary rooster from different media forms.

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