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Who Should be in The Avengers 2

So usually with sequels comes more characters, so isn't it just lucky that the Avengers has one of the biggest team roosters in the Marvel Universe?With that being said, who should be next? Well we all know Black Panther should be there, obviously, but I have a few other choices that people haven't considered.

A brief history of Hank Pym

So apparently Hank Pym was so small that he was forgotten in the Avengers. You see you'll find that line really funny by the end of this article.

A brief history of Ultron

Hmm I wonder why I could writing about Ultron? Ultron image It's not like he could be part of the sequel to some kind of big superhero film perhaps? Something to do with a superhero team? Oh yeah! He's just been announced as the main villain for the new movie: The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

A brief history of War Machine

So James Rhodes has cemented his place in the Marvel cinematic universe. So let's armour up and take a trip down memory lane.

The Magic Avengers

So last week I bought my fantasy team of robotic Avengers. This week since Marvel haven't tried to sue me (yet) I'm going to bring you the complete opposite in the form of The Magic Avengers.
robot avengers

The Robot Avengers

Superheroes can be robots. But what if one day all robot kind had to band together to face a threat like no other? Or what if one day the Avengers were off world and someone needed to take their place?
Masks and all

The Anime/Manga Avengers

Last week we gave you the run down of who I think should be the gaming worlds answers to the Avengers and this week I'll give you an idea of who out of Japans cultures should team up.
This Weeks New Releases

New Releases: Week Ending 02/11/12

Anthony is on a boat this week, so I'll be filling in for him for this weeks New Releases! Assassins Creed III (360/PS3) Probably the most...

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