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Barry Allen as The Flash, Caitlin Snow, and John Diggle in “King Shark”

The Flash – “King Shark” Review

Alright let's get the big one out of the way real quick: I was kind of right on the whole "Jay is Zoom" thing but we're still not quite sure in what way. The masked man's frightened reaction to seeing Jay's body fall on the ground implies that perhaps the Jay we knew wasn't necessarily a bad man, but the Jay we see in the gimp suit is. My current running theory is that The Flash's current speedster antagonist is either A) Jay from the future, who was driven mad by his addiction to Velocity 9 and thus can't kill his past self lest he completely disappear, or B) Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1. That one's actually rather straightforward, and makes me inclined to lean away from that, though it does seem that Zolomon is connected to whatever the true twist is with Zoom.
Martin Stein and Valentina Vostok in Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Fail Safe” Review

With a much shorter stay spent in 1986 as opposed to 1975, Rip Hunter's team of Legends come together once again after being split off from last week's cliffhanger and must devise an escape from the Russian gulag.
Oliver Queen and Ruvé Adams in Arrow

Arrow – “Code of Silence” Review

Given the gigantic reveal that not only did Malcolm know that Oliver had a son, but that he revealed this information to Damien Darkh seemed ripe for bringing an immediate, sudden and unexpected conflict to Team Arrow. Instead it appears that this will be paying off with next week's episode, as we primarily dealt with not the Green Arrow's struggle, but instead Oliver Queen's and his mayoral campaign.
Killer Frost, Earth-2 Iris West and Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Earth-2 Harrison Wells in The Flash

The Flash – “Escape from Earth-2” Review

In what seems to be a recurring trend for the Arrowverse, the latter half of the two-parter surpasses the former by a hefty margin. With The Flash locked up in Zoom's lair with the mysterious masked man and Jesse, it's up to Harry and Cisco to assemble a team to overcome the odds and get back to their home.
Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “White Knights” Review

Just like how last week, the highlight was easily Snart's motivations to prevent his father from going down a dark path, this week on Legends the emotional core of the episode relied on Snart and his split nature.
Malcolm Merlyn in Sins of the Father

Arrow – “Sins of the Father” Review

Everything League of Assassins came to a point in Star City, with Nyssa al Ghul propositioning the Green Arrow to kill Malcolm Merlyn as Ra's al Ghul once and for all: bringing the League into civil war.
Earth-2 in The Flash

The Flash – “Welcome to Earth-2” Review

Ever since we got the earliest of glimpses into this other world at the start of the season, we all started asking: so when are we going in? The Flash dives deep into doppelganger madness by bringing a majority of the cast into a wholly new setting, in what is clearly meant to be a two-parter episode. There's a whole lot going on here, but how well does it get across from the script to the screen?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Blood Ties” Review

After its two-part pilot, Legends of Tomorrow comes right out of the gate with an episode that utilizes every member of its large cast to their full potential, and finally made Vandal Savage into the compelling villain he needed to be.
Arrow “Unchained”

Arrow – “Unchained” Review

The large recurring theme throughout all of this season on Arrow has been Oliver Queen's insistence on shouldering every burden. That everything that happened was his fault. Slowly he is beginning to move past this dismal view, and extending the weight of his burdens to his allies. While there were quite a few things that happened through this episode, it all came down to his internal struggle, which was a nice way to focus the installment, if not seeming a bit overdone with how much focus it has received thus far.
The Flash and Wally West

The Flash – “Fast Lane” Review

Something that The Flash has done a good job of, from the beginning, is delivering the payoff sooner rather than later. After the midseason finale and Harry making a deal to steal The Flash's speed in exchange for his daughter's life, it became unclear just how long we would have to wait for everything to come out in the open. Even here, watching Harry sit there as they discussed the loss in Speed Force hinted that he was starting to regret his decisions and lead towards his coming clean, and bam. Right then and there he says it all and puts his hands behind his head.
Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot, Part 2”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Pilot, Part 2” Review

Considering the two parts of the pilot didn't air consecutively, it seems odd for the two episodes to be paired together at all. The Legends remain in 1975 and pursue their only lead on Vandal Savage: and it goes about as well as you'd think a supposedly climactic battle would go in the second episode.
Arrow – A.W.O.L.

Arrow – “A.W.O.L.” Review

If it seemed a bit rushed for Andy to simply give away the lead to Damien Darkh's base last week on Arrow, this episode seems like a sprint to the finish for Andy's story. Choosing to give him a redemption arc and be free at the end of this one episode is a bold decision, but one that pays off in a very fraternally focused episode that gives an emotional payoff to their every interaction so far this season.
The Flash meets the Reverse Flash

The Flash – “The Reverse-Flash Returns” Review

Titling an episode "The Reverse-Flash Returns" after literally wiping the character from all existence at the end of last season seems like it would be just another gimmicky excuse to shoe-horn in an old villain. Like Deathstroke's appearance in Season 3 of Arrow, but instead it became a post-humous origin story for an amazing villain that summarily tells the tale of the never-ending war between The Flash and his Reverse. Well, never-ending in the original timeline at least.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Pilot, Part 1” Review

Expectations have been through the roof for the culmination of everything that this shared universe of DC properties on The CW has worked for: a large-scale, superhero group ensemble. Legends of Tomorrow looks to bring the shared history of its characters and established lore into a blockbuster-scaled romp through time and space. It's a lot to live up to, and for now, Legends rises to the task.
arrow blood debts

Arrow – “Blood Debts” Review

So yes; it was a bait and switch after all. The grave at the beginning of the season not only wasn't Felicity's, but there are still four months to go before we will find out. The original foreshadowing made it seem as if it would take place directly after the midseason hiatus; but this wasn't the case.

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