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The Flash “Potential Energy”

The Flash – “Potential Energy” Review

Coming off of the winter haitus, The Flash returned with a loaded episode, giving us a good idea of where the show will be heading for the remainder of the season and addressing the threat of Zoom looming over Central City.
Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow – “Dark Waters” Midseason Finale Review

Oh, Arrow. It hurts to watch two trains on a collision course. You know it's going to be bad, you know it's going to hurt. Yes, it is, and it does. As foreshadowed in the season premiere, someone very close to Oliver Queen appears to have passed in this midseason finale, and it hurt.
The Rogues of The Flash

The Flash – “Running to Stand Still” Midseason Finale Review

Moving on from the annual Arrow/Flash crossover, we get the annual Christmas episode! Filled with jolly spirit, lost family, interdimensional threats, and a lot of Rogues.
Green Arrow, The Flash, Hawkgirl and Hawkman in Arrow

Arrow – “Legends of Yesterday” Review

Similar to last year's Arrow/Flash crossover, the second part was better than the first. Like, a lot better. It was better than last year's second part too. If it weren't for the fact that this episode isn't at all just an episode of "Arrow" (there wasn't a single flashback scene) I would say that this is single-handedly the best the show has had to offer in several years. Instead, it just shows us just how much this TV universe has to offer as a whole.
The Flash and Green Arrow in Legends of Today

The Flash – “Legends of Today” Review

With The CW hyping up this years big crossover between The Flash and Arrow, as well as finish laying all the groundwork down for...

Arrow – “Brotherhood” Review

Something truly astounding has happened: the episode of Arrow this week was better than The Flash! I know, it's a weird feeling right? I'm...

The Flash – “Gorilla Warfare” Review

Following after the startling showdown between The Flash and Zoom, the STAR Labs crew took a breather and we got more of the still-impressive appearance of Grodd. While the slowed pace was understandable, there was a sense of awkwardness to the proceedings, and it seemed as if Barry wasn't the only one off his groove.

The Hawks Are In Trouble In New Arrow/The Flash Image

The upcoming show Legends of Tomorrow, often referred to by fans as LoT, is getting ever closer to release, and The CW has been busy setting the series up over on it's parent shows. That has never been the case more than in the two upcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover episodes, titled "Legends of Today" and "Legends of Yesterday", which will serve as an introduction to the series' team [consisting of Hawkgirl, Hawkman, White Canary, The Atom, Firestorm and Rip Hunter] and the big bad of the show, Vandal Savage. Now, this brand-new image shows the two hawk-themed heroes in a spot of trouble - specifically, they're chained up!

Arrow – “Lost Souls” Review

With Sara making her return as well as last weeks cliffhanger reveal of Ray's survival, it seems resurrection is on the rise in Star City. This episode was a direct continuation of that plotline, that centered on Felicity and her issues in not only trying to save Ray's life, but coming to terms that someone she was so intimate with may not be gone after all. While it could have been an interesting presence, it instead felt like a retread of the majority of Season 3's problems, and the over-reliance in setting up Legends of Tomorrow.
the flash enter zoom review

The Flash – “Enter Zoom” Review

With such a memorable villain as the Reverse-Flash last season, it remained to be seen how Zoom would be differentiated from his like-powered predecessor. Jay and Harry alike have spoken of Zoom's terror, and though we've seen him briefly beforehand, it wasn't until his bold arrival on Earth Prime that we see what he's capable of.

The Flash casts Wally West AKA Kid Flash

There could be another Flash in town. And it's not Adobe.
DC Arrow Flash

What We Know About ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

We have Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, Supergirl, Titans... And now Legends of Tomorrow. The DC TV-verse is ever growing. Information about Legends of Tomorrow...

Arrow and The Flash are Ready For a Superhero Fight Club

The latest trailer for the final episodes of Arrow/ The Flash focuses on a fight club for our favourite Heroes and Villains in their down time.

First Look At Brandon Routh As The Atom In Arrow

Yesterday on Facebook The CW's DC superhero show Arrow revealed the first image of the Atom suit, worn by Brandon Routh. The Atom has been...
Arrow Feature

First Look at Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary in Arrow

We knew it was going to happen since the moment Laurel Lance stepped on screen in the first episode of The CW's Arrow. It's taken until this current season, season 3, for it to truly come into fruition that Laurel will don the mantle of the Black Canary.

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