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Time To Look In To The Future Of The Flash

We are now four episodes in to The Flash and The CW have released a new trailer to tease the rest of the series. The...

Want To See The Reverse-Flash?

With work on the Arrow/ The Flash crossover having wrapped, the great new superhero show has moved on to bigger and better baddie, The Reverse-Flash. Earlier today the first photos of the flashes nemesis were released on Twitter.

Ra’s Al Ghul Is Coming To Arrow

The CW have announced that they have cast the role of Ra's Al Ghul, the head of the league of assassins and father of Nyssa....
Arrow Featurevideo

Arrow Season 2.5 Trailer (UK Spoilers)

A new trailer has been released for Arrow series 2. There trailer which can be found above is for the second half of the series and sets up the end game. Just a quick warning the rest of this article will contain spoilers from the end of episode 14 'Time of Death'.

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