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The Division’s 1.8 Update Brings the Resistance

Ubisoft has revealed details of an upcoming update titled Resistance, that'll be coming to The Division this Autumn bringing even more content to an already jam-packed game.

The Division 1.7 Update Available Tomorrow

Ubisoft have announced that Update 1.7 for The Division is set to launch on August 15 completely free for all players across all platforms. In addition, the game's Survival Expansion will be free to try between August 18 and August 20.
The Division screen

What’s Next for The Division?

Tom Clancy's The Division released just over a year ago and after a shakey start it has been improved a hundred fold with a series of fantastic expansions and additions to enhance the experience.
The Division

You Can Play The Division for Free This Weekend

Today, Ubisoft announced that the open world shooter The Division will be available to play for free all weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The news comes via Ubiblog where it states that from May 4 players will be able do download and play The Division for free, right up until May 7.
The Division Agent Origins

The Division Brings New DLC to Year 2

Tom Clancy's The Division has just had it's first birthday! To celebrate a good year well spent they're giving a bunch of free rewards to any players who sign in this week. This comes with the huge reveal from Julian Gerighty about what Year 2 of The Division will hold.

Why The Division Movie Might Not Suck

So, it's no secret that Ubisoft have a movie in the works based on The Division. Given the arguable travesty that Assassin's Creed was, people are dubious. I completely understand why. I saw Assassin's Creed (and you can read the review here), it sucked. They took a mediocre concept and bastardised it in the movie.

Ubisoft Details the Division Update 1.6 and The Last Stand Expansion

The Division is about to get it's third DLC package and it looks to be huge! Titled "The Last Stand" it will focus primarily on PvP combat. The Last Stand content will contain a new game mode, pitting two teams of agents against each other in a domination style game. It'll also launch on all platforms simultaneously, no more Xbox One exclusivity.
division survival

The Division’s Survival Expansion Released on Xbox One and PC

The second expansion DLC for The Division is releasing today for both Xbox One and PC players one month before the PlayStation 4 version. The...
The Division

Here’s a Closer Look at The Division’s Survival DLC

In addition to launching The Division's Survival mode in the PTS, Ubisoft has now released a brand new trailer for the game's second DLC which was delayed somewhat as Ubisoft worked on fixing the base game.
The Division

The Division’s PTS gets Survival DLC

With The Division having only recently getting the much awaited 1.4 update Ubisoft have now detailed the next DLC expansion, Survival.
division survival

Ubisoft Delays Future DLC for The Division to Work on Fixing...

Ubisoft has announced that it'll be delaying the release of the next DLC expansion for The Division as they work on making the core game a much better experience for players.
The Division Jake Gyllenhaal Jessica Chastain Announcement

Ubisoft Attaches Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain to The Division Film

Looks like Ubisoft Motion Pictures are really getting some big names together for their debut films - first Michael Fassbender starring in the Assassin's Creed movie and now Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler, Southpaw, Donnie Darko) and Jessica Chastain (Interstellar, The Martian, Zero Dark Thirty) being signed up for a new project to adapt Tom Clancy's The Division into a feature film.

Why Ubisoft Have Become My Favourite Video Game Publisher

Much like people have their favourite sports teams, I have favourite publishers. For a little while it was Activision, mostly because I adored the Call of Duty and Tony Hawk franchises, but in the past couple of years that love has waned. Now, I have a new favourite publisher, and it's one I certainly didn't expect it to be...
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Ubisoft is Now Banning The Division Cheaters on First Offence

Ever since Blizzard promised to thwart cheaters as soon as they came out of the woodwork, it looks like Ubisoft has been following suit. First, they reveal that cheaters and hackers in Rainbow 6 Siege would be getting the ban hammer, now, The Division cheaters are getting the same treatment, though it may be a little too late.

The Division’s First Expansion, Underground, Set to Launch June 28

If you've pretty much conquered everything in The Division and you're looking for more post-apocalypse action, then you're in luck, as according to an Amazon listing, the first expansion for the game will be launching at the end of this month.

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