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The Evil Within: The Interlude Review

For those that enjoyed the Evil Within, Titan Comic's The Evil Within: The Interlude is a nice way to bridge the two games. Coming from a series who's story can get muddy at times, this comic does a nice job helping flesh out just what exactly happened to lead up to the sequel, the Evil Within 2.

Evil Within 2 Review – Bigger and Better

Evil Within helped kick off an era where it reminded people that the horror genre of video games wasn't dead, it just needed a...

The Evil Within 2 “Race Against Time” Trailer Released

Bethesda have released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated horror action sequel The Evil Within 2. After getting a glimpse of the...

The Evil Within and Rage Did Well Enough to get Sequels,...

Ahead of E3 this year, many of us were hoping that Bethesda would have another The Evil Within game up their sleeves. Unfortunately, that never came, but marketing executive Pete Hines may have just lit a glimmer of hope.

The Evil Within Welcomes the Executioner

Bethesda has revealed that the final DLC to come to The Evil Within will be launching on May 26 and to celebrate they've released a gameplay trailer for the add-on that'll throw you into the perspective of The Keeper.

Players of The Evil Within get an Assignment Next Month

Bethesda has this week revealed that their survival horror title, The Evil Within, will be getting its first serving of DLC next month which is the first of a two-part story shedding more light on the horrors found in the game. Check out the creepy ass trailer above.
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The Evil Within Comic Adaptation on the way

Ian Edginton is back for more video game adaptation.

The n3rdabl3 Guide to Halloween Gaming

On a night where the worlds of the living and the dead are supposed to become one, pagan rituals are once again carried out...

The Evil Within Launch Trailer is as Bloody as You Expected

Bethesda Softworks has today released the launch trailer for their highly anticipated survival horror title, The Evil Within, and as you might expect it's awash with blood. The Evil Within launched worldwide today on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, have you dared to get it yet?

The Evil Within Invites You To Fight For Life

A new trailer from Bethesda introduces us to a collection of the enemies that will appear in Shinji Mikami’s return to survival horror, The Evil Within. Krimson City has been over run by horrors known as the haunted, their origins are unknown but their effects are obvious. The trailer also gives us our best look yet at the Keeper/ Boxman who will be receiving his own DLC later on.
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The Evil Within Minimum PC Specs Revealed, Aren’t That Scary

Last week Bethesda revealed the recommended PC specifications for their upcoming scarefest, The Evil Within, and they were pretty scary to say the least. But if you wanted to experience the game how the developers intended, those were the specs you'd need. For those who don't own such a powerhouse of a rig, Bethesda have now released the minimum specifications which thankfully aren't that scary!
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The Evil Within Gets Two Exclusive PlayStation 4 Console Bundles.. In...

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s upcoming fight-fest, The Evil Within, is set to get two exclusive limited edition console bundles in Japan in collaboration with The Sony Store. In Japan, The Evil Within is known as Psycho Break, and the two limited consoles come in either Jet Black or Glacier White with a little added extra in the form of a decal on the hard-drive cover.

Prepare For The Evil Within and Make Every Bullet Count

The Evil Within is set for release in the next couple of weeks, so to prepare players for the horrors, Bethesda have released a...
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You’re Going to Need at Least 50GB of Hard Drive Space...

Bethesda have revealed a handful of details for The Evil Within, their upcoming survival horror title developed by Tango Gameworks, in regards to the minimum PC specifications and install sizes of the game for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you're planning to grab the game on PC you may need to upgrade your video card, as among other things, The Evil Within requires at least 4GB of VRAM so you can play the game "as the developers intended."
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The Evil Within Goes Gold

Bethesda Softworks announced today that their upcoming title The Evil Within has now gone gold! This of course signifies that the discs are being printed and the game's been finalized, with just enough time for its October 14th release date.

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