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Indie Fix: Towards The Pantheon

With more and more developers wanting to make indie games these days, it definitely takes more than just a nostalgic art style to get...
the indie fix 2

Indie Fix: Once Upon a Coma

Once Upon a Coma is an artistic indie platformer in which you play as a boy who has to tackle an unfriendly world populated...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Mothlight

Getting kicked off of a cliff and turning into a horrific blob monster might not be the worst metaphor for how some people feel...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Hevn

Created by two-man based team, Miga, this weeks pick for The Indie Fix is a sci-fi adventure called Hevn.
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The Indie Fix: Blasting Cap: Gunpowder Heart

Blasting Cap: Gunpowder Heart is an oddly named early access platformer available on Gamejolt. 'Oh God’, I hear you cry, 'not another indie platformer’. I know, platformers make up the majority of indie games, from artistic experiences like Limbo to frantic, old school action in Shovel Knight. Despite the over-saturated genre, I do think that Blasting Cap shows some promise at being a simplistic and fun addition.
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Outriders

Outriders seeks to blend the humour and gameplay of LucasARts point 'n' click adventure classics with beat 'em up style gameplay and it does...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Project Explosion

Project Explosion is a neat little game that shows off a polished physics engine and some well animated explosions. The ride might be short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time.
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Purple

October is prime-time for the horror genre, but let’s be real; as great as the classics are, you can only play Silent Hill 2...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix – Sole

We all love a good action filled adventure with plenty of explosions and bombastic set pieces to get your heart racing but Sole is...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: The Painscreek Killings

We're stepping away from our usual formula this week to share with you a pretty stand-out game which is making waves in the indie...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Sentinel

Most people probably wouldn’t describe Sentinel as a game, but in my opinion, anything that calls itself a video game is a video game....
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: BOXGAME

BOXGAME is a clever 3D puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a good long while.
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix – Archimoulin

In this week's Indie Fix we introduce to you a stylized platformer, Archimoulin. Created by Nicolas Dubac and his team, this 2D animation meets 3D environment platformer looks fantastic. The blending of the two art styles delivers a bright, painted world full of life and style.

The Indie Fix: Voxel Turf

Have you ever felt like playing a game that does a bit of everything? Well indie developer SnapperTheTwig, who are from Australia, created a game...
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The Indie Fix – Trump Card

Trump Card is a political or satirical simulator (I never quite worked out which one). Each turn you get presented with a situation that...

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