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Pokémon GO Will be Shown at GDC 2016

Following the surprise announcement of The Pokémon Company's upcoming augmented reality real-world mobile MMO, Pokémon GO, we've heard very little about the game. That doesn't mean we're any less excited though as we're keen to explore our local surroundings to see what Pokémon hide within, but we want more news! Fortunately it looks like we won't have too long to wait as the game will be shown at GDC 2016, next month.
Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament Gets a March Release Date in Europe

We've known that Nintendo and Bandai Namco's Pokémon-infused fighting game is set to come to the west, and now we have a more solid release date. Pokkén Tournament is set to land on Wii U in Europe on March 18.

Pokémon GO is a Brand New Mobile Game from Nintendo, and...

Video games are fun, that's a given, but we sometimes can't play video games forever. So what if you took video games and threw them into the real world? That's Pokémon GO in a nutshell.

Pokémon Shuffle Review: Wallets are Necessary

In February, along with announcing that the 3DS version of Puzzle & Dragons will be coming to the west, Nintendo also unveiled their own...

Get a Shuffle on! Pokémon Shuffle Lands in the Europe Nintendo...

Announced during Nintendo's Direct broadcast earlier this year, the free-to-play match-three puzzler which blends Puzzle & Dragon-type gameplay with adorable Pokémon has landed in the European Nintendo 3DS eShop!

Camp Pokémon Brings Free-to-Play Pokémon Game to iOS

The Pokémon Company announced this morning the release of Camp Pokémon, a spin-off app that includes a ton of Pokémon themed activities for kids of all ages as they learn to become a Pokémon Trainer. The Camp Pokémon app isn't quite a full-on Pokémon title on mobile, but it does offer a range of fun mini-games to keep your kids occupied.

You Can Soon Play The Pokémon Trading Card Game Like you...

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is coming to iOS later this year, The Pokémon Company has confirmed, giving players old and new the chance to relive their youth digitally on their iPads! What more could you ask for? Other than a full-set of first edition base Pokémon, oh to smell that glorious smell of a newly opened booster pack again.. What I wouldn't give..

Pokémon X/Y Global Trade Station Trade Milestone Nets you a Fancy...

The Pokémon Company have announced that the distribution of a 'Fancy Pattern Vivillon' will happen as soon as a new Global Trade Station miletone is reached. Sitting at around 90 million trades, as soon as the counter hits 100 million the Pokémon Company will release a brand new variant of Vivillon to mark the occasion.

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