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‘The Sims 4’ Available for Free Download Right Now

Doesn't everyone love sinking hours into playing god with The Sims? Well, right now, you can do it all for free with The Sims 4,...

The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Turns your Sims into Influencers

EA Games and Maxis has announced the latest expansion for The Sims 4 which has our little Simoleons turn into the next big Internet hit.

There’s Plenty of Sims 4 Content Planned

The Sims 4 is set to get plenty of content over the next three years, developer Maxis has announced.

The Sims 4 is Finally Getting A Seasons Expansion!

EA officially released the first trailer for their newest expansion pack - seasons! While the gameplay so far looks really familiar to the same expansion of Sims 3, there are definitely some cool new things too!
Thre Sims 4 Laundry Day DLC

EA and Maxis Release First The Sims 4 Fan-Collaborated Stuff Pack!

EA Games and Maxis have released a brand new Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 which has been created entirely by the game's community.

The Sims 4 is Finally Getting Pets

The expansion that literally every Sims fan has been clamouring for since Sims 4 was released finally has a trailer and a release date! It's not secret...
The Sims 4 Cover

The Sims 4 Confirmed for Xbox One, PS4 Release Announced

EA Games has confirmed that The Sims 4 is coming to Xbox One later this year, this is following an accidental Microsoft Store listing breaking the news ahead of the official announcement.
Sims 4

The Sims 4 is Coming to Xbox One Really Soon

Sims 4 released for PC in 2014 but a new store listing shows that the game is coming to Xbox One later this year.
The Sims 4 Toddlers

The Sims 4 Gets Vampires and the Return of the Toddler

Vampires, creatures of the night who spend their time sucking the life out of their victims. Toddlers, creatures of the day who spend their time sucking the life out of their victims. They're honestly one in the same, so it comes as no surprise that Electronic Arts decided to bring back Toddlers not too long after they launch Vampire DLC.
Sims 4

Gamescom 2015: Sims 4 Get Together Expansion annouced

Sims 4 fans rejoice, the next expansion for The Sims 4 was announced today during EA's Gamescom 2015 briefing, Get Together.

GET TO WORK.. In the Sims 4 with its First Expansion

If more emotions and the reintroduction of pools into The Sims 4 wasn't enough for you, EA have this week unveiled the game's first expansion, Get to Work, which as you might expect, adds a little more to your Sim's career options.

The Sims 4 Content Update Adds Careers, Festivities, and a Cheat...

EA and Maxis have this week revealed the latest content patch that's set to arrive on The Sims 4 this month. The new update adds business and Christmas related things to the game, adding four career paths, time-off, maternity and paternity leave, and a free, unlockable Holiday Celebration pack.

Sponsored Video: In The Sims 4, You Rule

If you didn't already know, The Sims 4 launched earlier this year and with it comes a handful of new improvements over the previous titles including even more emotions, better customisation options, and an even simpler way of creating your dream home. In The Sims 4, you rule and no one can tell you what to do.
the sims pool

You Can Now Drown your Sims in The Sims 4 with...

Following EA's promise to release constant updates for The Sims 4, the publisher has now released the first of many updates which brings back one of the more controversial commissions that EA had made in order to add more depth to The Sims: Swimming Pools. That's right, as of now you can finally deck out your back yard with a swimming pool for your Sims to enjoy.. or not.
Sims 4

EA Is Adding Pools to The Sims 4

If this were any other title than The Sims 4 the headline of this article would seem a lot more exciting, but in a matter of fact if EA could just release a patch to include pools, why didn't they do that in the first place? It seems a bit silly to me. Anyway, EA announced last night during a Twitch live-stream their patch release plans for the latest release in The Sims title, The Sims 4. Along with the addition of Pools patches are set to include ghosts, Star Wars costumes, and much more.

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