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Deck13’s “hardcore RPG” brings Soulslike gameplay to a modern sci-fi post apocalyptic world where Warren fights for his life against undead co-workers, high powered security drones, and more.


Here’s a Closer Look at Mini Bosses you’ll face in The...

Deck 13 have unveiled a handful of screenshots for their upcoming "hardcore action-RPG", The Surge, which gives us a little gander at some of the intense mini-bosses that we'll be facing in the game when it eventually launches next year.

Want to Know What The Surge is About? Here’s a 15...

If you were wondering what Deck 13's action RPG, The Surge, is actually about and how it plays, then good news, the developers have released a 15 minute gameplay trailer at Gamescom.

[E3 2016] The Surge Gets its First Trailer

After a while of teasing Deck 13's upcoming dystopian action adventure game, The Surge, Focus Home Interactive has now finally unleashed the game's debut trailer showing off the game in action.

Deck 13 Unveil Screens for The Surge

Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive have released two new screenshots for their upcoming sci-fi action RPG, The Surge, revealing some of the enemies you'll be facing in your battle to survive.

Here’s a Glimpse at Deck 13’s ARPG, The Surge

Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13 has today released two new assets for its upcoming ARPG, The Surge, the first being the debut screenshot for the title, and the second being a render of the game's main character.

Deck13 and Focus Home Unveil The Surge

Though we've known about Focus Home and Deck13's upcoming RPG for a few weeks now, the two companies haven't officially unveiled it, that is until today of course where they've finally released more information on their upcoming action-RPG.
The Surge

Deck13 working on The Surge

The studio behind the creation of Lords of the Fallen, Deck13, is developing a “hardcore sci-fi RPG” with the current title of The Surge. Though a full announcement is set to be revealed next month during Gamescom by publisher Focus Home Interactive, some small details have been released ahead of the event about the upcoming title.

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