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The Wolf Among Us Episode Two Launches The First week of...

Telltale Games have revealed that the second episode of their Fables inspired game The Wolf Among Us will be released in the "first week of February", though it was a struggle to get the episode out.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Features Jack from Jack &...

To celebrate the launch of Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us on iOS, the publisher has revealed a sneak peek at the second episode which features one of the most recognised characters in the FABLES comic book series, Jack of beanstalk fame.

The n3rdcast episode #4 | Optimus Prime vs.Titanfall and Xbox One...

This week we talk Autobots vs. Titans, Xbox One vs. PS4, and so much more...

Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us Launches this Friday.

This Friday (October 11) Telltale Games will be launching the first episode of their new game, The Wolf Among Us for Xbox 360, PC, and Mac. The game will take on a similar episodic theme and art style to their The Walking Dead video game series and is also based on a series of comic books, more specifically, the DC Comics' Fables universe.

The Wolf Among Us – Season Premier Teaser Trailer

Tell Tale Games, developers of The Walking Dead episodic video game series, have released the Season Premier trailer for their new game The Wolf Among Us and it looks pretty awesome - who doesn't love Tell Tale Games comic book style cel shaded graphic style?

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