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Details Emerge of Cancelled Modern Day Thief Reboot

Did you know that way back in 2004 there were plans to reboot the Thief franchise which was set to include a more modern day setting and the ability to cross-over into a mysterious and deadly spirit world? According to an Eurogamer report, this new game was pitched to Eidos, but was sadly cancelled before anything solid could materialise.

Here’s your PlayStation Plus Games for February

February is almost upon us and you know what that means.. A whole bunch of games for us to download on our PlayStation consoles for free.. sort of. Anyway, if you're currently tired with January's collection of titles, you'll be pleased to know that in just a few days you'll have a new selection to play, and if you own all three of Sony's consoles, you'll have a whopping six games to choose from! Crikey!

Thief Review, A Missed Opportunity.

Between 1998 and 2004 Garrett ruled the stealth game roost. The Dark Project, The Metal Age, Deadly Shadows. These titles ring deep in the hearts of stealth lovers as the cornerstone of their hallowed genre. Favourites from days gone by, hours poured into shifting through the gloom for twinkling treasures. Even so far as the practise of firing water arrows at torches to put them out, all born in the original creation of Looking Glass Studios. After a 10 year absence in the jail of nostalgia, Eidos Montreal are pleased to give us all a reboot of the franchise burning bright in the dark. However it's not likely to start a fire in anyone's heart.

UK Gaming Charts: Thief Sneaks in and Steals Number One, Plants...

As excited as I was about the Thief reboot, I'm actually glad I didn't shell out the £40+ asking price for what seems to be a complete crock of shit - at least that's what James Knack thinks about it (review coming later), as well as a handful of other critics. Nonetheless, Eidos Montreal's Thief still managed to jump into first place.

Thief Launch Trailer Breaks Cover

It's been a news packed month in the lead up to the release of Thief and as expected, the launch trailer is finally here. With...
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Xbox One Takes Another Resolution Hit as Thief Runs at 900p...

The Xbox One is taking a bit of a drubbing from gamers recently after announcements that other third party games will run at lower resolutions than it's main rival, the PS4. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has also been slated to run at 720p and now Thief at 900p.

Square Enix Release a 17-Minute Playthrough of Thief. Watch it Here!

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have this week released a brand new gameplay video of the first 17-minutes of gameplay for their upcoming title Thief which is set to land on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on February 28.

Thief – Stories from the City Trailer #3: The Thief Taker...

It looks like bad noose for Garrett as the new trailer from upcoming rob-em-up, Thief, shows you who will be hunting your hide as...

Thief – Huge Trailer Details Everything You Need To Know

It's a few weeks until release and there has been an absolute mountain of media in the past months to cover just what's going on with Garrett. The new trailer is a six minute long showcase of everything from the story to skills for your enjoyment a few weeks before you decide to abandon the game or dive in with a rope tied round your ankles.
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Thief – More News Than You Can Shake Your Grappling Hook...

Over the past week, there's been a vault full of information surrounding the remake of everyone's favourite nick-em-up and instead of giving you the stories one by one, I decided to feed you it all in one big veritable feast of gaming thievery. Prepare to loosen those belts and don your comfortable trousers!

Thief PC System Requirements are Here, Won’t Require you to Rob...

Eidos Montreal have revealed the official Thief PC system requirements and the good news is you don't need an overly speedy computer to run it! According to the blog post Eidos have teamed up once again with the pros at Nixxes to optimise the game for PC.

Thief – The Benefits of A Long Development

It's not long now until you're tiptoeing through the streets of the City, pickpocketing unsuspecting locals and robbing uppity merchants of their wares. I say not long but if you've been following the development of Thief as I have, and waited since Deadly Shadows for more burglary-based gameplay, then it's been an absolute eon.
Thief PS4

Thief – PS4 Dualshock Will Use Lightbar to Assist in Sneakiness

It's true that the Dualshock 4's lightbar is something of a mystery to most. As you spend most of your time staring at the sparkly, shiny graphics on your television, it's quite difficult to pay attention to the controller... Ask my clan. Very few of them noticed that the bar displays your health status in a green/amber/red sequence in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Thief: Stories from the City – Part Two – “The Queen...

Square Enix has just released Thief: Stories of the City part two, the second in a series of stylized videos that focus on the rich narrative and characters of Thief’s corrupt and broken city. This particular video features the narrative from The Queen of the Beggars a mysterious character that sees all in the City that's being ravaged by the rutheless Baron Northcrest.

Exciting New Thief Trailer Smashes Through Your Skylight

If you've been doubting the new interpretation of the rob-em-up series, you might want to take a look at this new trailer.

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