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THQ Are Back as Nordic Games Rebrands as THQ Nordic

THQ may have suffered its fate back in 2012, but since then companies have been snapping up its IP left, right, and centre. One company who made the most acquisitions was Nordic Games, who today have announced that they're rebranding as THQ Nordic.

Darksiders 2 Remaster Might Encourage a Darksiders 3

Darksiders 2 was remastered and released as Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition by new IP owner Nordic Games following the closure of THQ.

Remastered Darksiders II in the Works for Current Gen Consoles

Darksiders II publishers Nordic Games have revealed to Gamespot that there is indeed a HD remaster for the 2012 game made by developers Vigil...

de Blob Has Found a New Colourful Home at Nordic Games

It looks like not all of THQ's assets and IPs had been sold off yet as today Nordic Games announced that they'd acquired another one of the defunct publishers properties, de Blob, y'know that colourful sod who loves to bounce around splashing colour all over the now colourless world thanks to INKT Corporation.

THQ To Live Once Again as Nordic Games Acquires Name and...

After THQ's unfortunate demise in 2012, various publishers including Nordic Games acquired several of the company's IP's at auction last year. Since then the THQ name has slowly started to disappear from the world of gaming, until now.

E3 2014: Devil’s Third Now a Wii U Exclusive

IGN are reporting that Devil's Third, a game from Tomonobu Itagaki, Ninja Gaiden's director, is now a Wii U exclusive. The game is once again an action orientated game, with shooting and melee combat.

First Look: Crytek’s Homefront 2

Whilst the unfortunately distant sequel of the now bankrupt publisher THQ's 2011 'résistance spectaculaire' - Homefront - doesn't appear to be getting any closer, it seems we may have reached some hope that we can expect further updates in the months to come following a recent release of three conceptual images generated from an early "work-in-progress" build of the game.
Saints Row IV

Sains Row IV Box Art Reveal

Today the Saints Row IV box art was revealed ahead of it's release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC reveal and in usual Saints Row fashion it's very purple.
Ubisoft logo

The Plot Thickens With Recent Ubisoft Firings.

Yesterday we covered news on the recent firing at Ubisofts Montreal studio, Patrice Désilets was, in his own words "handed a termination notice and was...
Ubisoft logo

Ubisoft Fire Game Designer – Plans To Fight Back.

Patrice Désilets, a name you may or may not of heard of. A name quite frankly responsible for Assassin's Creed. Patrice Désilets was the idea man behind Assassin's Creed all the way back in 2007 as well as the game designer for the hit title, he was also part of the team responsible for the sequel, Assassin's Creed II in 2009! So you could say he's played a big role in Ubisofts Assassin's Creed success, and you would be right to say that...

Homefront 2 to be Developed by Crytek UK

It's a sad time for THQ games like Homefront and Saints Row, since the company went bankrupt they had to sell off all of...
ThQ logo

The Rise and Fall of THQ – A Brief History Of

Founded in 1989, Toy Head-Quarters, better known as THQ, has been one of the staple companies at the forefront of video game development and...

BREAKING NEWS: THQ files for bankruptcy!

So, yesterday saw leading developer and publisher, THQ Inc. announce that it entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with what they called, a “stalking horse bidder,”...
humble bundle 2

The Humble THQ Bundle – Over $5 Million Raised for Charities

If you, our lovely readers, had the chance to grab the Humble THQ Bundle, you'll know that it's money well spent. With nine of THQ's...
humble bundle

The Humble THQ Bundle – Available Now!

Humble Bundle have released their latest horde of games, but this time from THQ, the first mainstream publisher to grace a humble bundle. You'd...

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