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Kanye West leaving building after incident

Kanye West to Ditch Tidal due to Being Owed Upwards of...

It's been reported that Kanye West has terminated his contract with Jay-Z-owned streaming service, Tidal, as the service owes him upwards of $3 million and is in breach of contract.

Report Suggests Tidal may have been Inflating Subscriber Numbers

Well there's certainly one way to ensure that your streaming service is competing with the top dogs like Spotify and Apple Music, and that's adding a few extra hundred thousand numbers on top of your active user report.
Kanye West leaving building after incident

Kanye West Ironically Calls for Tidal to Sell to Apple to...

Last month rumours began to circulate suggesting that Apple was in talks with Tidal regarding an acquisition of the Jay-Z-owned service. While those rumours have been dismissed by Tidal spokespersons, someone else has decided to weigh in on the rumours... Kanye West.

Apple is Reportedly Looking to Purchase Tidal

Despite Apple already having Dr. Dre on board, it looks like the company may be looking to add another rapper onto its board of directors as a new report has revealed that the company may be looking into acquiring Jay-Z's Tidal music service.
apple music

Sony and Warner Music See Increased Revenue from Music Streaming

Thanks to the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Google Play, both Sony and Warner Music have seen a substantial increase in revenue from music streaming.

Tidal Now has 3 Million Subscribers

This week the star-owned music streaming service Tidal, is celebrating is one year anniversary, and to celebrate have revealed some interesting numbers. Tidal now has 3 million paying subscribers, a huge bump from the 900,000 subscribers revealed last June.
spotify photo

Music Streaming Revenue was Higher than Downloads in 2015

It looks like 2015 saw the rise of music streaming, with the launch of Apple music, Tidal being taken over by Jay Z, and Spotify trotting along with their free tier. Not only that, according to the RIAA music streaming brought in much higher revenue than digital downloads.

Kanye’s Latest Twitter Rant Reveals New Album is Tidal Exclusive

After Kanye West's Twitter outburst yesterday asking Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to fund "Kanye West ideas," the rapper continued to post more Tweets over the course of the evening, one of which revealed that his new album, The Life of Pablo, will be a permanent Tidal exclusive.

Tidal Music Has 1 Million Paying Subscribers

Though Tidal Music got the head start on Apple Music, the Jay-Z owned streaming service has lagged behind somewhat in recent times as a new report has revealed that the service only has 1 million subscribers.
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Music Streaming Service Exclusives Aren’t Doing the Industry any Favours

Now music streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, thanks in-part to the launch of Apple Music as well as Spotify's free tier, there's evidence that music piracy is on the decline. But a new trend has begun in the past week or so, and that trend is artists launching, or planning to launch, their next big albums exclusive to certain streaming services, something I personally believe isn't going to do the industry any favours.

Tidal is doing Just Fine says Jay-Z

According to reports, and even our own articles, Tidal just isn't doing great since its relaunch last month. Backed by a bucket-load of big names, Tidal seemed to be the music service for the Artist, the service offered full control over their music and vowed to pay artists what they truly deserve unlike competitors, Spotify and Pandora, unfortunately all of the attacks on such services seemed to add more of a focus on their offerings as Tidal fell out of the App Store top 700.

Tidal Discovery Invites Indie Artists to Upload their Music

Tidal hasn't exactly done too well for itself in the past few weeks since release. Despite being fairly high in the App Store charts at launch, just two weeks later Tidal fell out of the top 700 apps, with Spotify and Pandora shooting up into the top 4. But Tidal hopes to redeem itself by offering the chance for independent artists to upload their music directly to the service bypassing distribution services, letting artists once again be in control of their own music and revenues.

Three Weeks Later Jay-Z’s Tidal is a Flop

Jay-Z's Tidal relaunch had very little promise, in my opinion. It was less about the fans of music getting lossless music sounding how it was supposed to be heard (like the original creators intended) and instead was turned into a platform where artists could ensure they were getting the money they believed they deserved for their music. Despite quickly shooting into the App Store top ten at launch, the app for Tidal soon fell back down, and continued to plummet and as of a week ago the app fell completely out of the top 700 apps.

Jay-Z ‘Relaunches’ Tidal with the Help of Fellow Artists

For a while now artists have been getting pissy at streaming services because of how royalties are handled. So what better way to ensure that you get the royalties you deserve? By owning a part of the streaming service of course, and that's exactly what Jay-Z and several other artist have done with the high-fidelity music streaming service, Tidal.

Jay-Z’s Tidal May Give Spotify Something to Worry About

Spotify has forever been the front runner in music streaming with many hoping to knock the service of off the podium but failing, even when pop-star Taylor Swift decided to ditch the service due to the way the company handles its royalties didn't stop people flocking to the service. Now however, there may be a contender in the form of Tidal, a music streaming service which was recently picked up by Jay-Z and is set to be relaunched with the support of many, many musicians.

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