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Star Trek and Transformers Collide in New Comic Book

IDW Publishing has announced that they're about to boldly go where no one has gone before with Star Trek vs. Transformers.

The First Trailer for Bumblebee is Here!

Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for their upcoming Transformers spin-off, Bumblebee, and it's everything we want it to be.

Bumblebee Spin-off Will See Another Fan Favourite Return

More information has surfaced about the upcoming Bumblebee Transformers spin-off and for fans of a certain Autobot, it's pretty exciting news.

Bumblebee is a Beetle Again in New Spin-off Set Photos

Set photos are starting to appear for the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off Transformers movie, and we finally get to see the titular character back in his original Bug form.

First Look at Hailee Steinfeld in Transformers Bumblebee Spin-off

Hailee Steinfeld has revealed our first look at her character, Charlie Watson, who'll be the main star of the upcoming Transformers Bumblebee spin-off. Earlier this...

Bumblebee Spin-off Casts John Cena

Paramount Pictures has revealed the cast and details for the upcoming Transformers Bumblebee spin-off as it enters production.

Transformers Bumblebee Spin-off Movie will be set in the 80s

Everyone's favourite transformer, Bumblebee is getting his own movie, and according to Empire (via TFW2005), that movie will be set in the 80s.
star trek

Three Great Star Trek Comic Crossovers

Going boldly where no crossover has gone before

Here’s Why we Need a Transformers Fighting Game

Optimus Prime usually says "'till all are one! but after a scrap in a heat of rage he'd probably say, "'till all are not none!" Well, that's something he should say, especially if he was in a Transformers fighting game.

A Trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight Explodes on our Screens

If we keep making Transformers movies eventually after a few dozen they may finally become pretty decent. Transformers: The Last Knight is one of those films by the looks of it.
UN Wonder Woman

5 other people who could be UN Ambassdors like Wonder Woman?

Who else could join Wonder Woman?

3 Things That Would Make a Good Transformers Movie

We've got another Transformers movie on the way and with some luck this franchise will do a Fast and Furious and I will somehow begin to enjoy them a whole lot more.

Beyond G.I. Joe X Transformers, we go Crossover Crazy.

Shared universes are a big thing with blockbusters right now, it's already being discussed that they should cross over the Transformers and G.I Joe movies - just like they did in the cartoons. But now it's time to take things further, much further.

If Top Gear Became a Little Bit Geekier

So more Top Gear news has surfaced, some taking it better than others... So How about we geek it all up then? Taking something like Top Gear and just making it plain geeky.

Is Transformers: Devastation the mystery Platinum Games title?

Hype abounds this week, with another leak in the guise of some screenshots of a cel-shaded Transformers game, which many suspect is the mystery...

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