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Atlas Reactor to Shutdown in June

Trion Worlds has announced that its competitive turn-based tactical combat game, Atlas Reactor, is shutting down in June. Due to the game being no longer...

Defiance 2050 Review

What can I say about Defiance 2050? It's a free-to-play title that's essentially a "remastered" version of the original MMO, Defiance. The original title was okay and the only real redeeming factor was the tie-in TV show on Sci-Fi in which the show's events were reflected in the game.

Trove’s Battle Royale Mode Available Now with Trove Geode

Trove, Trion Worlds' voxel MMO has received a brand new expansion this week, Geode, which brings a brand new planet to players as well...

Trove to get Adventures Expansion Next Week

Trion Worlds' free-to-play voxel adventure game, Trove, is about to get much bigger thanks to the upcoming Trove - Adventures expansion set to land on November 14.

Atlas Reactor Season 4, Anniversary Event Announced

Trion Worlds is celebrating the first anniversary of Atlas Reactor since being fully released, and oh boy have they achieved a lot. What's more, with Season 3 coming to a close, it's time to unveil Season 4.

Atlas Reactor Season 3 Brings New Freelancers, Maps, and More

Trion Worlds competitive strategy game, Atlas Reactor, has now launched into its third season which brings a new Freelancer, new Map, and much more.

Trove Review (Xbox One)

I know what you're thinking... "Isn't that just Minecraft?" and the simple answer is no. Yes, it's a blocky-looking game where Steve certainly wouldn't...

Voxel RPG/Builder Trove Launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4

After an incredibly successful launch on PC, Trion Worlds has today announced that Trove has officially exited beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and officially launches today.
Atlas Ractor BrynnReveal_Aegis_02_1484217804

Atlas Reactor Begins Season 2, Adds New Content, Becomes Free-to-Play

Atlas Reactor, Trion Worlds' simultaneous turn-based arena game that's been compared to the likes of XCOM mixed with Chess, launches its second season today after a pretty successful debut season. This new season will bring a ton of new content over the next 10 week period. Oh, and the game is now completely free to play.

Trion World Unveils Free Mode for Atlas Reactor

Trion Worlds has today revealed that Atlas Reactor, despite going from free-to-play to a more premium model, will still be able to be played for free when the game launches thanks to a new Free Mode.

Free-to-Play Voxel Adventure, Trove, is Coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Trion Worlds' free-to-play voxel adventure MMO, Trove, is set to make its way to consoles later this year, the company has announced.

Defiance Finally Gets a Player Marketplace, The Exchange

One of the most requested features of Trion Worlds open-world sci-fi RPG was the ability to buy and sell items to other players, and now that feature has finally landed on the MMO with the name, The Exchange.

Atlas Reactor Lands on Steam Early Access, Free All Weekend

Following the news that Atlas Reactor would become a premium title and not free-to-play as originally thought, the simultaneous turn-based strategy game is set to launch on Steam as an Early Access title, and to celebrate the debut, will be free-to-play all weekend.

Atlas Reactor Ditches Free-to-Play Business Model

Atlas Reactor, Trion Worlds' absolutely cracking simultaneous turn-based multiplayer strategy game, will no longer be free to play when it launches out of closed beta, the publisher has announced.

Atlas Reactor’s Closed Beta has Begun! Includes New Features

Trion Worlds' fantastic multiplayer turn-based team tactics game, Atlas Reactor, has now entered closed beta, introducing a ton of new content including more gamplay options such as Seasons, Inventory, and Crafting.

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