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Tropico 6 Review

This was my second venture into the Tropico franchise after playing Tropico 5 when that was first released. Tropico 5 was a solid game...
Tropico 6 Screenshot

Tropico 6 Delayed Again

Kalypso Media has announced that El Presidente isn't quite ready for Winter and have pushed back the release of Tropico 6 back once more. Back...

Tropico 6 Digital Pre-Orders Now Open Announces El Prez

Today El Presidente (Kalypso Media) has announced that digital pre-orders can now be made for the upcoming dictator sim, Tropico 6.

Tropico 6 Now Launching in 2019

Tropico 6 won't be bringing its tropical paradise to PC until 2019, Kalypso Media has revealed this week.

Tropico 6 Promises to be More Detailed and Fun Than Ever

Kalypso Media has revealed some details about their upcoming dictator sim, Tropico 6. The Tropico games are a long running series that places the player in the...

E3 2017: El Presidente is Back in Tropico 6!

Kalypso Media has this week announced Tropico 6, the next entry into the dictator sim / management game, that's set to launch in 2018.

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