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Trüberbrook Artwork

Trüberbrook Review

When I first heard of Trüberbrook, its hand-made aesthetics instantly caught my eye. I'm a massive fan of stop-motion, ever since I saw the...
Trüberbrook Artwork

The Journey to Trüberbrook Begins on March 12

BTF has announced that their charming hand-made adventure game, Trüberbrook, is set to launch on PC on March 12, followed by its console release...
Trüberbrook Artwork

Trüberbrook’s Latest Trailer Shows off Interrogation

Trüberbrook, the upcoming stop-motion mystery adventure game, has received a second trailer this week giving us another look at the stunning title in action.
Trüberbrook Artwork

Stunning Hand-made Adventure Game, Trüberbrook, Heads to Kickstarter

Headup Games has announced a brand new atmospheric adventure game, Trüberbrook, which has landed on Kickstarter this afternoon in the hopes of bringing this stunning...

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