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Left 4 Dead Developers Hiring For A Sequel To A “Globally-Known...

Turtle Rock, the studio behind the fan favourite Left 4 Dead (and not so fan favourite, Evolve) are hiring for an unannounced AAA title.

Turtle Rock Unveils New VR RPG, The Well

Fans of Turtle Rock Studios may be surprised by the developer’s new game, as it won’t be a co-op FPS like Left 4Dead and...
left 4 dead

Turtle Rock Release Final Campaign for Left4Dead

Turtle Rock has released the final campaign for Left4Dead, and while it's unfinished, you can play it right now.

Evolve Gets More Content as Part of its Shear Madness Event

Turtle Rock Studios have detailed the latest content set to arrive in Evolve: Stage 2 as part of a much larger "Shear Madness" event. The content, titled Cataclysm, adds a new map which is "engulfed in hellfire and molten lava".

Evolve Gets A New Hunter as “Shear Madness” Event Begins

Following the free-to-play relaunch of Evolve "Stage 2", Turtle Rock has today released a new update for the game which includes a new playable Hunter, even more balance changes, and a new "try before you buy" option, among other things.
evolve 2

Evolve’s Free-to-Play Move Brings in 1 Million Players

Turtle Rock has revealed this week that Evolve's recent shift to free-to-play has done wonders for the game, bringing in over one million players.
evolve 5

Evolve Player Base Increases by Just Under 16,000 Percent Following Free-to-Play...

This week Turtle Rock unveiled that Evolve would be going free-to-play in an effort to rekindle interest in the game and make amends for the "DLC shitstorm" which plagued the game's initial release. That move looks to have worked, as the player base skyrocketed as soon as the free-to-play beta launched.
Evolve 2

Evolve is Going Free-to-Play on PC, Will Come to Consoles Soon

Around two years after the launch of Turtle Rock's 4v1 monster hunter game, Evolve, the developer has today revealed that the game will be going free-to-play in order to breathe some life into the game following it's disappointing reception and "DLC shitstorm".
evolve stageup teaser

Turtle Rock is Teasing Something Evolve Related…

Evolve, Turtle Rock's ambitious 4v1 shooter/monster hunter game, may be getting something new later this week, as the developers have launched a teaser countdown...

Turtle Rock are Working on an Unannounced IP

Since the launch of Evolve, we've heard little from Turtle Rock in regards to anything that isn't their 4v1 monster hunting game. But now, the company are ready to discuss what's next for the company.

Evolve is Getting a New Character

Remember Evolve? That 4v1 shooter/hack and slash game where four "hunters" faced off over an incredibly overpowered monster? If you do, then good news, the game is about to get a brand new Hunter in the form of Dr. Kala Kapur.

Evolve’s new Arena Mode Cuts to the Chase

Sometimes Evolve matches can drag out a little bit. It's no fault of the game, sometimes monster players decide to play it safe leading hunters around on some sort of wild goose chase in order to evolve and destroy the objective. This can lead to some pretty lengthy matches, so Turtle Rock has decided to cut out all of that and has opted for an arena style deathmatch which is now available for free, for everyone.

Watch as the Behemoth Tears the Hunters a New One in...

The Behemoth isn't called that for no reason, and in this new video from Turtle Rock you can see exactly why. This beast of a monster has the ability to turn into a rolling ball of molten rock, can spit lava, and can even separate the hunters using a lethal tongue grab. It's pretty brutal. Also in the video you get to see the four new Hunters, which are also coming to the game, in action, and although they have their own unique set of skills, they're really no match for the Behemoth.

Latest Evolve Update Nerfs the Wraith

Thanks Turtle Rock, the only monster I manage to kick ass with, is getting nerfed in an upcoming patch in addition to several other tweaks on the game. It seems the Wraith was just a little too over powered. Not that I cared, I totally owned the battlefield with that beast..

Evolve is Getting a Behemoth Amount of Free Content this Month

Brace yourself! If you've pretty much had your fill of Evolve, at the end of this month there's set to be an extra large helping of content coming your way including new maps, new monsters, new hunters, and more. Some of which will be yours absolutely free on March 31.

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